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About the Program

Business Law and Economics - program in Croatian

Program in Croatian.

Due to the market needs, Undergraduate program in Business Law and Economics has been newly introduced. This program will enable students to acquire skills and knowledge in the fields of business law, business administration and economics so that they will be able to successfully pursue their careers in today’s business world.

If you are currently thinking about studying in the field of law and economics, Undergraduate program in Business Law and Economics at Zagreb School of Economics and Management is indeed designed for you. Knowledge and skills you will acquire through studying at ZSEM will perfectly prepare you for the success in business careers not only in small and medium-sized firms but also in banks, associations, public sectors, agencies depending on the career path you choose. The additional services you can receive from ZSEM’s Career centre will be of your use all throughout your study, and the international exchange program available will help you to expand your horizons. Direct interactions with your professors will enable you to receive not only theoretical but also practical knowledge from business cases.

By successfully finishing Undergraduate program in Business Law and Economics, you will be able to:

  • Explain and understand the structure as well as functions of Croatian and European legal system,
  • Recognize and comprehend the legal and economic aspects in relationships between people and economy;
  • Understand and apply financial theories, analysis, reports and markets in business practices;
  • Comprehend, apply and prepare statistical analysis in decision making process in organizations;
  • Recognize and apply information technology in legal regulations, structures and processes in organizations and in managerial roles as well as management techniques;
  • Identify the legal as well as economic (local and global) aspects in organizations;

You will gain knowledge which will back you up for responsible business performance. ZSEM will also teach you the virtue of ethical business. In today’s business world, success is never a guarantee if you don’t pay attention to the importance of business environment.

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