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Business Mathematics and Economics - Program in English

Program in English.

The structure of the Business Mathematics & Economics program is designed in such a way that the first two years comprise of basic (core) mathematics and economics courses which cover applied mathematics in economics and business administration. Through this, students acquire theoretical knowledge, while intensively applying information technologies and software programs. In the third year, students learn how to program mathematical algorithms for solving problems in business, while also deepening their knowledge of financial mathematics and optimization. During the fourth year, students will take a Capstone course in which they will participate in the project development and solving business cases using all of their acquired knowledge thus far. Also, in the fourth year students are offered elective courses which will allow them to further specialize in the fields of financial mathematics and/or optimization.

Lectures and exercises are taught by faculty with extensive experience, both in Croatia and around the world. Additionally, within the context of cooperation with the business community, students have the opportunity to hear from guest lecturers who will share their experiences, notably applied knowledge and specific problems that they solve using mathematical methods, ranging from financial problems to programming, creating algorithms for optimization, forecasting, etc.

The Business Mathematics & Economics program provides a business, economics, mathematics, and quantitative foundation for successful work in Croatia, Europe and the rest of the world–for careers in banking, insurance and other institutions in the financial, administration, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, telecommunications, and software industries/sectors.

Classes are held in the English language and students are therefore expected to have active & passive knowledge of the English language. Students have at their disposal all the resources and services of ZSEM, from international exchange opportunities and services of the Career Center, in addition to access to the library, computer classrooms and online databases. Students receive literature for each academic year into which they enroll and the literature consists of the world’s best textbooks from the MATE publishing house.

Students in the program have all of the student rights of full-time students, which includes getting the student X card (in Croatian,X-ica), the right to a student transportation pass, student services at student centers in Zagreb as well as accommodation in student dormitories of the Student Center.


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