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Admission to the ZSEM does not include accommodation. It is up to the student to find it, but we will provide you with some guidance and help. We will connect you with some of our students (buddies) that would provide you some assistance and feedback, and with some other students from abroad that are looking for accommodation like you.

We recommend the following neighborhoods which are close to ZSEM: Maksimir, Centar, Ravnice, Donjii Grad (also see in Lašcina, Srebrenjak, Bukovac, Šalata, Kvaternikov trg, Svetice). If you are close to Kvaternikov Trg (by tram, bus, bicycle or walk) it would be at your convenience. 

From Kvaternikov Trg you can take a Bus (202) that will in 5 minutes take you to Zagreb School of Economics and Management. If you go by foot, it will take you 15 minutes (10 minutes up the hill).

Apartments for rent are usually available within the range of 250 Euro up to 500 Euro monthly, depending on the conditions of the apartment, and location. (Utilities expenses are usually not included in the rent).



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Student residences:


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