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Undergraduate Program in Business Law and Economics

240 ECTS - Program in Croatian

The undergraduate program in Business Law and Economics is intended to prepare students for a successful career in corporate law, while having an excellent understanding of today’s business world in the areas of business law, business administration and economics. The program is taught in Croatian, in small groups of an interactive character, with lecturers educated both in Croatia and abroad.

Aside from the quality of business law, economics and business administration knowledge, students acquire an international experience, cooperation with the business world, differentiating them from other lawyers, economists and managers. 

The Business Law and Economics program is a study program that prepares future corporate lawyers for challenging careers in institutions of the European Union, international corporations, insurance companies, public and private sector, for-profit and non-profit organizations, but also gives a strong foundation for an academic career.

This program that blends expertise in law and economics enables students to have an impact on a wide range of issues related to law, business, and finance. With huge knowledge in that area, we receive strong backgroung for work in the private sector, government or an academic career.

David Pranjić

The study of business law and economics is very interesting precisely because it includes two of the most demanding areas. In addition to learning theory, practice is also applied which is even more important in real life and in the business world.

Sara Ćustić

The field of business law and economics is an excellent choice because it combines two very dynamic and interesting areas. Given the fact that today’s business world is increasingly seeking interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, I consider that Business Law and Economics is an excellent choice for every individual who wants to achieve a successful career.

Janko Brlečić

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