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Career Development

Student Future Day is a project that was started by the students of Zagreb School of Economics and Management, with an aim to present ZSEM and its students to companies that do business in Croatia. After a certain amount of time, the project has surpassed the mere presentation level, and has come to be one of the school’s most important regular events, striving to provide the companies with permanent access to the pool of student talent, so as to enable them find the best candidate for either temporary, part-time, or full-time employment both before and after graduation.  

Student Future Day also represents a unique opportunity for you, dear students, to present yourselves to the future employers and find out possibilities for employment in over twenty companies. Student Future Day is being held in  April every year.

Facts about Student Future Day:

  • SFD is a project started by ZSEM students.
  • First SFD was held in 2006. It is being successfully organized in early April for the eighth consecutive year.
  • The Goal of SFD is to acquaint and inform the participants, and to establish cooperation of ZSEM students and the business community in Croatia.
  • Every year, SFD is being visited by 20 corporate participants hailing from various sectors. It is also visited by the students of all years of both undergrad and graduate studies, as well as by the ZSEM Alumni.
  • According to the students’ opinion, SFD is one of the most effective and more efficient channels of recruitment of candidates for part-time and full-time employment, as well as for internships. 

During every Academic Year, Career Center organizes a wide array of workshops on career planning, which aims at preparing students enter the labor market and at enabling them to capture the job, or the internship they seek.

Some of the Career Center workshops are:

  • Workshop on writing CVs and motivational letters
  • Strategies of interviewing and psychological testing
  • Paths to internships/jobs abroad
  • Employment in the institutions of the European Union
  • Career Game


All the Workshops are interactive and directly applicable on the labor market. Therefore, for example, at the workshop on how to write a CV, students learn to write their resumes and job applications, while upon completing the interview workshops, students are readied for a job interview, or testing that may be a part of the selection process towards their employment.

You may find information and schedule of workshops on the Blackboard.

Individual counseling pertains to all the students of ZSEM, who are in need of professional guidance, or assistance regarding their career planning. The goal of counseling is to help students assess options most suitable to their preferences and individual career plans.

We go through the basic inputs from students during our meetings for career planning, which enables us to outline future activities. During these counseling sessions, we cover general career planning topics, and focus on the following subjects: directions for writing CV’s, advices for successful CV’s cover letters and recommendation letters, directions for building future career internships, job description for economics graduates, as well as their qualifications.

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