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Zagreb School of Economics and Management has already organized numerous conferences, including the Economics Conference ZSEM, a series of conferences on Reporting on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in Leading Croatian Companies, and many other conferences.

Held conferences

May 2017. – The New Europe Business Forum 2017

May 2017. – Higher Education Institutions Conference 2017

May 2016. – The New Europe Business Forum 2016

May 2016. – Higher Education Institutions Conference 2016

December 2015. – Studentska konferencija Management informacijskih sustava

September 2015. – International Conference on Engineering and Education 2015

May 2015. – The New Europe Business Forum 2015

May 2015. – Higher Education Institutions Conference 2015

December 2014. – Studentska konferencija Management informacijskih sustava

May 2014. – ZSEM Annual Financial Conference

May 2014. – Higher Education Institutions Conference 2014

March 2014. –IFTF: Invest for the Future#Success

December 2013. – Studentska konferencija Management informacijskih sustava

October 2013. – IFTF: Invest for the Future#Talent

June 2013. – The 12th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA)

June 2013. – Higher Education Institutions Conference 2013

May 2012. – ZŠEM ekonomska konferencija

April 2012. – ZSEM Bloomberg konferencija

October 2011. – IFTF: Women Driving Economic Growth in SEE

June 2010. – Međunarodna konferencija o sprječavanju pranja novca

June 2010. – 9th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

Estudia tu Maestría en Croacia 🇭🇷
Echa un vistazo a los programas de #beca que tenemos para @ZSEM_Zagreb

Yesterday #Infobip participated in 12th Student future day at Zagreb School of Economics and Management (@ZSEM_Zagreb). 🎓

Everything is ready for the 12th Student Future Day! #zsem #CareerFair

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