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Undergraduate program

*Elective courses are going to be available only if there is a certain number of students interested. Please mind that courses which belong to the same study year will not overlap.

Undergraduate students can only take undergraduate courses.





Business Communication 2 2
Business Communication in English 2 2
Corporate Finance I 5 3
Cost Accounting 5 3
Croatian Language and Culture 4 ELECTIVE
Croatian Studies 3 ELECTIVE
E-business 5 ELECTIVE
Economic Geography 3 1
English for Economists 2 1
Entrepreneurship 5 ELECTIVE
Financial Institutions and Markets 4 3
Information and Communication Technology 6 1
International Economics 6 4
Introduction to Accounting 6 2
Introduction to Philosophy 4 1
Introduction into the European Union (only for the students who are currently on their 3rd or 4th year of studies at their home university)) 4 4
Legal Environment of Business 3 3
Management 5 3
Management of Information Systems 5 4
Mathematics I 6 1
Microeconomics 6 2
Organizational Behavior 3 3
Personal Finance 5 4
Principles of Economics I 6 1
Principles of Marketing 5 3
Promotion 5 ELECTIVE
Real Estate Financing 5 ELECTIVE
Rhetoric 2 2
Social Psychology 6 2
Sociology 3 1
Statistics II 6 2
Tourism 5 ELECTIVE
Spanish I 2 ELECTIVE
Chinese I 2 ELECTIVE
Behavioral Economics 5 ELECTIVE
Business Communication in English – ARP 3 2
Business English Language 3 1
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 5 4
Consumer Behavior 5 3
Corporate Finance II 5 3
Croatian Language and Culture 4 ELECTIVE
Croatian Studies 3 ELECTIVE
Customer Relationship Management 5 ELECTIVE
E-marketing 5 ELECTIVE
Financial Accounting 5 2
Human Resource Management 4 4
Innovation Management 5 ELECTIVE
International Management 5 ELECTIVE
Investments 5 ELECTIVE
Macroeconomics 6 2
Managerial Accounting 5 3
Managerial Economics 5 3
Marketing Management 5 3
Mathematics for Economists and Managers 5 1
Mathematics II 6 1
Money and Banking 4 3
Operations Management 4 4
Principles of Commercial Law 5 2
Principles of Economics II 6 1
Principles of Law 4 1
Product Management 5 ELECTIVE
Public Finance 4 2
Russian and Eurasian Studies 5 ELECTIVE
Statistics I 6 1
Strategic Management 5 4
Web Design 5 ELECTIVE

If you want to check a list by each study year of core courses click here. Note that there isn’t internship possibility offered for students in exchange program. 

Graduate programs

Graduate students can choose both undergraduate and graduate courses. They have to choose at least one MBA course. 

Graduate courses have a special schedule. Through the semester each course has 2 to 3 intensive weeks.

If you are a graduate student who also took some undergraduate courses you must attend those classes throughout the entire semester starting when those undergraduate courses start.

If you can attend the courses in Croatian, you can also check our full-time program in Croatianhere.

All of our MBA programs are fully taught in English. Clicking on each of the following MBA programs, you can see their program’s curriculums followed by course descriptions.

*Please note that the First Semester is the Spring Semester (from March to July) and the Second Semester is the Fall Semester (September to February).

For more information you can visit our Graduate MBA web page.

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