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Required internships with the support of ZSEM's Career Center

Employers are becoming more selective in the hiring process, increasingly demanding additional skills and knowledge. Thus, internship experience can make a difference for students when they enter the labor market.

In fact, 94% of ZSEM students find employment within 1 year of graduation.

Internships are an essential part of ZSEM’s undergraduate curriculum requirement. Students must complete two internships in the duration of four weeks (160 work hours at least) during the 2nd and 3rd year of their studies, or in the summer months between academic years.

Students can seek internship opportunities independently, or they can seek assistance from ZSEM’s Career Center. Many of our students decide to complete their obligatory internship abroad, giving them a competitive edge and arming them with excellent experience for future permanent employment.

The list of companies in which ZSEM’s students have completed internships contains some of Croatia’s largest corporations, as well as many large and renowned multinational companies. Many of our students have received offers for full-time employment after completing their internships and demonstrating their skills and knowledge to potential employers.

For more information about internships for ZSEM students, visit the Career Center.

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