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Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is a program where full-time students studying at ZSEM are connected with incoming internationals students. The purpose of the program is to help international students find their way around the city, explain and show them how campus life is, as well as give them advice on where to eat and go out. 

The Buddy Program is very popular as full-time students get the chance to meet students from all over the world, and make friends for life. As ZSEM has more than 120 partner universities, each semester ZSEM hosts more than 100 students who need help at the beginning of their arrival. 


Many professional athletes, though burdened with practice, travel and competitions, have expressed their desire to pursue education. ZSEM’s flexibility to their tight schedules, have attracted many excellent top professional athletes.

ZSEM offers to the professional athletes, who are unable to regularly attend lectures, a flexible course schedule. Steady use of e-learning applications make up for inevitable absences from classes.

ZSEM is currently attended by professional athletes engaged in about twenty disciplines: 25 classified athletes, 15 state champions and several medal winners from world and European competitions, as well as the Universiade. The circle of active athletes is rather large, since about 5% of ZSEM students attend daily sport practice. Students of ZSEM have represented Croatia in the last winter and summer Universiade and at the London Summer Olympics.


The Sport Student Union

The ZSEM Spo
rt Student Union gathers more than 350 students who share love for sports. Via this Association, many students have represented ZSEM at numerous competitions and have thus won medals.

Student Clubs


The Journalism Club of ZSEM publishes a copy of student magazine SixSigma every semester. If you have a knack for journalism, want to express your attitude, or simply partake in creation of the best student journal in Croatia, come and join the journalism club.


NEXT Junior Entreprise

NEXT is the first and only Junior Enterprise in Croatia and in this part of Europe. It is run by a team of students and it offers a wide range of consulting services for “real” companies. NEXT mission is to bring together a team of creative and innovative students that will bring improvement to the clients through dedicated work. NEXT is also a great way to take the first step toward a successful business career. By working on challenging projects and with successful companies, our students have a great networking opportunity as well as gaining valuable work experience. Students are also improving their personal and professional skills, which will help them, make a transition to the business world.

If you wish to contact us please send us e-mail ( or visit us at our office (MBA building). Link to our Facebook page.


IT Club

ZSEM IT Club encompasses students who share common love for the new technologies. They usually set up technology-themed workshops and lectures, as well as computer gaming parties.


Student Management Club

Student Management Club gathers all the ZSEM students who share interest for business management, and all its stemming disciplines. They often partake in major events at ZSEM, such as Startup Weekend Zagreb.


Student Finance and Investment Club

For a long time now you wanted to know more about the high-power investing, but haven’t had the opportunity? Should you want to meet students who share your passion for finance, the newly formed Finance and Investment Club stands at your disposal.


Marketing Idea Club

Marketing Idea Club is a student club of Zagreb School of Economics and Management, which organizes and participates in workshops with marketing professionals, cooperates on project design with other clubs and organizations, and plans internal workshop where teamwork is used to solve case studies. Marketing club is a good place to obtain information about international marketing student competitions.

Student Union

The Student Council acts as an umbrella organization of ZSEM students, and in accordance works to advance their interest, as well as to promote the school. The purpose of the Student Union is to enable participation of students in various projects by which they contribute to the development of Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

The Student Council also organizes many social events for Croatian and International students such as welcome gatherings and parties, networking events, as well as many trips to cities in Europe. 

Student Council President:   
Marko Komšo

Visit the Student Council’s Facebook page:

Where to eat

Students have the opportunity to eat at the ZSEM campus. There is a cafeteria which is open all day. 

Zagreb also has many menzas. A menza is a student cafeteria open to all students who are studying in Zagreb. If is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and students can enter and affordably eat with a student card called an ‘X-ica’. The university will provide the student with a X-ica once they enroll. 

A list of Menza locations in Zagreb. 

Where to live

Admission to the ZSEM does not include accommodation. It is up to the student to find it, but we will provide you with some guidance and help. We will connect you with some of our students (buddies) that would provide you some assistance and feedback, and with some other students from abroad as well that are looking for accommodation like you.

We recommend the following neighborhoods which are close to ZSEM: Maksimir, Centar, Ravnice, Donjii Grad (also see in Lašcina, Srebrenjak, Bukovac, Šalata, Kvaternikov trg, Svetice). If you are close to Kvaternikov Trg (by tram, bus, bicycle or walk) it would be at your convenience. 

From Kvaternikov Trg you can take a Bus (202) that will in 5 minutes take you to Zagreb School of Economics and Management. If you go by foot, it will take you 15 minutes (10 minutes up the hill).

Apartments for rent are usually available within the range of 250 Euro up to 500 Euro monthly, depending on the conditions of the apartment, and location. (Utilities expenses are usually not included in the rent).

ZSEM does not have studnet dorms but students can try to apply for the local ones:
– Student residence (female)
– Student residence (male)

Students can also look for a place to live on the following website:
Home in Zagreb

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