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A group of nineteen students from Meiji Gakuin University (MGU) in Tokyo spent their Fall 2015 semester studying abroad at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. This exchange is a result of ZSEM’s efforts to develop its international cooperation with renowned universities around the world, notably those in Asia. MGU students arrived early in Zagreb and took a 2-week Intensive Business English course in order to best prepare themselves for a semester of classes taught in English. They self-selected their courses for the semester, while all nineteen students took a Croatian Studies class. During the Croatian studies course, students learned about the Croatian culture and they visited the Embassy of Japan in Zagreb, the Croatian Parliament and numerous local businesses.

Would you recommend ZSEM to a friend? Why?

Yes. It is good to learn economics and business studies.Also the classes are small, so it is easier to make friends.



What surprized you most about Croatia?

Almost everyone could speak English really well. I have heard that European countries tend to only speak in their own language, like Japan. It was easy for us to have English through our everyday life.


How was your experience here at ZSEM?

My experience here at ZSEM was one of my memorable things in my life. It was my first time coming to Europe and I surely obtained a lot which I couldn’t in Japan! I will never forget these 4 months studying here!



Learning Business English


Professors of the Intensive Business English course squeezed in for a class selfie on the last day of class in August. 




Presentations: Japan vs. Croatia

MGU students held presentations about the cultural differences between Croatia and Japan. They addressed what surprised them most about Croatia, like the way that Croatians drink coffee.

Japanese Ambassador to Croatia

Japanese Ambassador to Croatia, H.E. Keiji Ide, addressed ZSEM students on the first day of class in September 2015 during Orientation Day.





International Day @ ZSEM

At ZSEM’s International Day, where all exchange students present their home universities, students from Meiji Gakuin University promoted their university.

Orientation Day


As part of Orientation Day, MGU students got to take a tour of the city of Zagreb. Here, they took a group photo with other international students in front of the Church of St. Mark.


Company Visit 

Croatians love coffee, especially coffee from the Croatian coffee producer Franck. ZSEM organized a visit to Franck for MGU students, where they go to learn about and tour the production plant. 


Coffee Culture & Cuisine

Croatian people really love coffee, more than any other people. Cafés are everywhere and the best part is that you can have delicious food too, like čevapi (in this picture).

Croatian Holidays

All Saints’ Day in Croatia is a widely celebrated holiday. Here is the ceremony at Mirogoj, one of the most most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.


We international students do something together every weekend. This is when we went one of the best billiards in town. The price is 300yen for 3 hours.

Weekend Travel

From Zagreb to Ljubljana it is only two hours by bus. We went to Lake Bled and a huge cave which is a world heritage site. They are so beautiful. We went just for one weekend and it was a great experience visiting Eastern Europe.

International Community

This is an Asian International party. Students from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Argentina and Japan came together for this party. Everyone brought food from their country and we had a great time!


Every Friday night we play badminton at the Arena Stadium in Zagreb. International students, ZSEM students and students from other universities join us as well.


Freshman Welcome Trip to the Island of Rab

Over 70 students from Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo), ZSEM’s other international
exchange students and its local students, attended a 3-day excursion to the island of Rab in Croatia.
Check out the photo album here.

The island of Rab was so beautiful. My favorite part was the view of the sunset and Mediterranean food. It was so nice.



Rab island was so good for me because we had activities through the whole day and the hotel’s location is perfect.


Visit to Belje, the biggest agricultural company in the region

International and ZSEM students went on a trip to visit Belje in East Croatia in September,
thanks to the organizers Professor Jurkovic Majic and our alumni Marko Maloči.

Producing wine is not prosperous in Japan. We learnt first hand how the production of the wine goes in detail and we realized the power of the company of Belje.



I’m having a great time, thanks to other exchange students, professors, and workers at ZSEM. I can’t thank them enough. I am sure this experience will help me in the future. Thanks again!



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