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New Europe Business Forum



Gathering leaders from business, politics, and science once a year to discuss and debate on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership and scientific innovation to macro-economic trends and geo-political events.


NEBF is gathering a mix of movers and shakers from around the world, ranging from business executives and scientists to students who are each shaping their respective business, intellectual, and cultural landscapes.


By attending and interacting with today’s business leaders, excellent students, forward-thinking organisations and world’s greatest influencers, participants bring back new skills and ideas.



The mission of the New Europe Business Forum is to help participants lead more effectively and meet the challenges of today’s global business environment by exposing them to innovative thinking from various fields.


In addition to providing a platform aimed at generating, conceptualizing and promoting innovative ideas, the New Europe Business Forum is an inspirational and transformational learning experience for its participants.


The global student competition NEBF Challenge is designed to select and reward the most perspective and ambitious students with an invitation to the New Europe Business Forum. The finalists will have the opportunity to attend NEBF, where they will be able to pursue an innovative business idea and share their ideas with some of the most prominent world leaders.


By attending this high profile event and interacting with today’s business leaders, participants bring back new skills and invest ideas in their organization.


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