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Free Mover

If you wish to come to ZSEM in a exchange and your institution does not have a bilateral agreement with us, you can still do it! You may come as a Free mover.

That means that you will take a semester with us (between 20-30 ECTS points) and that you will pay for the ETCS (credits) that you take.  For each ECTS point you take the fee is 105 Euros (3150/30 ECTS) for bachelor students and 175 Euros (10400/30 ECTS) for Master students.


Here you can find the courses you can follow at ZSEM:

            Bachelor courses

            Master courses

If you are interested to come as a Free mover, please fill:

           The Application form 

          The Learning Agreement with your choose of courses

And send it with a copy of your passport (or ID for EU students) and your international insurance (or EU health insurance card) to our International Office:  (Stjepan Blazevic – Steven)


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