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About our lecturers

The lecturers and professors that teach at ZSEM are often cited as Croatia’s leading business and economics experts. A large majority of our lecturers attained at least one educational qualification abroad, most often in Western Europe and the United States. Also, many of our lecturers are successful business people, who can transfer their experience and practical knowledge to our students. Our long list of esteemed lecturers includes: Dino Dogan, PhD, Board Member, Croatian Telecom, Zlatko Mateša, PhD, Croatian Prime Minister from 1995 to 2000, Ljerka Mintas Hodak, PhD, First Croatian minister of European Integrations, and other renowned experts.

Class Sizes

Our student to professor ratio is very small compared to many other business schools. Our students never need to attend lecturers in crowded halls with hundreds of their peers. Our students do not have to struggle to engage in class discussions. Our students always work in small study groups, where a heavy emphasis is placed on interaction between students and professors. Our lecturers are always available to students through email and telephone, and also through personal consultations. Often, in our campus courtyard you’ll see students and their professors engaging in spontaneous discussions; students and parents alike are often surprised at how accessible and friendly our professors can be.


ZSEM is Croatia’s leading business school in implementing new technologies in learning. Our model of education consists of two very distinct parts – the classical classroom lecture, and distance learning which takes place over our online e-learning system. Blackboard is a system for distance learning which gives our students direct access to all of their lectures, exercises, case studies, and other course materials.

Through this system, our students can communicate directly with their professors and peers through Blackboard’s email and discussion forum platforms. Every course at ZSEM has its own Blackboard page; through this system we conduct professor and course evaluations. ZSEM places a considerable emphasis on distance learning, as over 150 courses have been developed with Blackboard in mind, and ZSEM’s professors and researchers have published over 50 different papers on the use of e-learning and distance learning systems at international conferences and scientific journals.


All course literature is included in the price of tuition. Because of this, all of our students have access to world’s best literature in the area of economics and business administration. Our students don’t use poorly photocopied textbooks, they don’t have to wait in line for hours to purchase textbooks, they use class literature written by the world’s foremost economic experts.


Our students don’t need to find private tutors to keep up in class. Our policy is that not one student should lag behind his/her colleagues in class knowledge. As part of this, every course at ZSEM has a designated demonstrator, who can provide group or individual tutoring sessions for students that are having problems with certain concepts and coursework. Often, our demonstrators are students that have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in certain courses, and will assist our students free of charge.

SPOT Mentorship Program

Coming to a different city, far from your home town, can be an exciting but challenging experience. For many students, as well as their parents, this is a time for overcoming the problems associated with moving, adaptation to a new environment, and settling in as a citizen of Croatia’s metropolis, Zagreb. However, the Zagreb School of Economics and Management offers a unique service that, in many ways, makes life easier for our freshmen and their parents, the SPOT Program.

SPOT stands for Students Help (Pomažu), Orient, and Train, and is a mentorship program in which every participating incoming ZSEM receives and upperclassman mentor, who answers any questions the freshman might have about student life, and which serves as a support during the freshman’s first months in Zagreb. We’re proud of the fact that freshmen that take part in this program have a higher chance of academic success and are happier with their student lives than their peers. Also, many long-term friendships have been created.

Student Rights

Upon enrollment, participants in ZSEM’s Undergraduate Program receive the status of full-time students, and as such are entitled to full student rights. After enrolling, they receive an X-Card, which serves as a student ID card, and which they can use to exercise certain privileges, such as the right to subsidized meals in student restaurants.

Students also have the right to receive designated certificates confirming their full-time status. These certificates are usually used to receive certain benefits when purchasing public transport passes, for tax incentive, the use of family pensions, health insurance, etc.

ZSEM students have the right to medical insurance, and are obliged to have a medical check-up upon enrollment at a general practitioner.

The Student Center is the central point which brings together students in the Zagreb area. The SC offers a wide range of services, including the option of employment through a student contract. Also, the SC can provide students with residence in one of Zagreb’s many student dorms. To start this process, please visit the Student Center, which is located at Savska 25.

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