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Zavratnica, State park in Jablanac, Croatia

Beautiful beach of coastal town Bol, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Historical coastal town Dubrovnik, Croatia

Trakošćan Castle - cultural heritage

Semester at ZSEM for groups

Meiji Gakuin University at ZSEM


A group of nineteen students from Meiji Gakuin University (MGU) in Tokyo spent their Fall 2015 semester studying abroad at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. This exchange is a result of ZSEM’s efforts to develop its international cooperation with renowned universities around the world, notably those in Asia. MGU students arrived early in Zagreb and took a 2-week Intensive Business English course in order to best prepare themselves for a semester of classes taught in English. They self-selected their courses for the semester, while all nineteen students took a Croatian Studies class. During the Croatian studies course, students learned about the Croatian culture and they visited the Embassy of Japan in Zagreb, the Croatian Parliament and numerous local businesses.

Studying with many students from different countries were excellent. It was a great experience, because there are not many chances to study with a foreigner in Japan. Blackboard was also organized so it was very easy to know many things, such as assignments, mid-term exams and your own grades.

Manaka Usukura,

Meiji Gakuin University

Before now, nobody came to Croatia as an exchange student from my university. So I believe it is good opportunity for me and my university. Also, there are many exchange students from different countries, so I thought it would be a good experience. I wish that many students will come ZSEM and experience good time.

-Kenyu Kunii,

Meiji Gakuin University

Business and Cultural Immersion

in Europe



In this Business & Cultural Immersion program, organized by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) and the Luxembourg School of Business (LSB), students will explore Croatia and Luxembourg, go on company visits and hear from top executives and experts on various topics – all within the context of the European Union. Zagreb and Luxembourg are joined together in this program as it allows students to learn and see the differences between the two. Students will experience the contrast between one of the European Union’s oldest and one of is newest member countries.

In my opinion, this trip is so wonderful. Not only did we have opportunities to study new things from speakers, but also we could expose to many beautiful and historical places.

MBA student,

University of Louisville

I am very energized by the words, belief and passion of M. Cardelus. His message and energy are over lasting. Dr. Branch gave us very valuable humility and information. I feel I have a better foundation for the entire of my cultural comperand 

MBA student,

University of Louisville

Many of us didn’t really know one another before the trip. Over the course of a week, they have become my close friends. Through each challenge, we rose to the occasion. This trip is more than lectures, meals and sightseeing. It was an opportunity to change how we viewed the world.

MBA student,

University of Louisville

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