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Ivan Beser

Ivan Beser

Since my exchange in Moscow is over, I can realistically assess what kind of experience it really was. First things first, the Higher School of Economics State University (HSE) is an University which consists not only of economic school but also of other 26 faculty departments with different faculty Staff members. These departments are located in approximately 80 buildings throughout the whole city of Moscow. Since I chose subjects from different faculties I had to frequently go from one end of town to another, but that isn’t a problem because Moscow has one of the most efficient metro in the world. Which daily transports more passengers than the metros London and New York combine together. In addition, the metro stations are really wonderfully decorated and when you walk through them you gain a sense of being in a museum and not in some normal waiting station. The stations differently designed with lots of pictures, sculpture and beautiful chandeliers which is nice to see. However, the morning and afternoon rush hours really should be avoided.

My home was on Kibalchicha number 5, which is a great location because it’s just 30 minutes by metro to the city center, i.e. Red Square, which is very close for a huge city like Moscow. Our dorm wasn’t new or modern, but it had all the conditions which are necessary for student life. Also the staff of dorm care kept everything clean and tidy, and they tried to help us at every opportunity they could. The atmosphere in dorm was great and gatherings of the entire floor of students were not rare.

The city of Moscow has 12 million people (officially), and some say as many as 18 million people due to the large number of immigrants. Despite the city has so many residents we had never experienced a negative situation or dispute, which would be expected in such a large city. Also, for Russians they are doing everything very slowly and they don’t stick to the agreements precisely, but it can easily be grow familiar. In the city of size and population like Moscow you cannot get bored, especially when it comes to nightlife.

Despite the fact that I missed one semester on ZSEM , I’m not sorry that I have chosen Moscow because I gained lots of friends from all over the world,  learn a new language and advanced my  knowledge which I consider that will be of great help to me in the future.

Juraj Vojnovic

Juraj Vojnovic

My Exchange program at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

ZSEM student Juraj Vojnovic spent a semester at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

 „ I spent great four months as an exchange student in Spain at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. UC3M is ranked as first in undergraduate degrees in Business administration among public and private universities in Spain. I decided to go on exchange program because I wanted to improve my English, to meet new people and different cultures and also to feel how is studying abroad looks like. I chose Spain, because of its great climate and their more relaxed way of living. Studying on UC3M was a little bit different because we had many assignments  and teamworks to do, and less midterms. At the end of the class were final exams  which include whole course material. Professors are good quality, very kind and generous and ready to help you. So, I can say I had really good experience at UC3M. I was staying at student residence located near UC3M. I made so much friendships with great people, learned a lot and surelly had the best time in my life. I would recommend to all students to go on exchange program, because you will have amazing and great moments, have chance to improve your language skills, meet a lot of new people and also have chance to see attractive places.  All my positive expectations have achieved. So, if you have a chance to go somewhere on exchange program, I think you should definitely go, because it is perfect and unforgettable experience“. 


Tanja Igic

Tanja Igic

About México and IPADE Business School

ZSEM student Tanja Igic spent the last semester of MBA program at IPADE- Business School- located in Mexico City.

“Andrea Festini and I spent some months (the last trimester of our MBA) in one of the best business schools in the world – IPADE – located in Mexico City. We had an amazing opportunity of meeting hundreds of new people, both from Mexico and the rest of the world. At the beginning we spent most of our time hanging out with foreigners, but after few weeks we met Mexican friends with whom we went out, travelled, spent our free time and studied. During the last month of our exchange program we spent the time travelling, sightseeing and improving our Spanish. Mexico is an amazing country, completely different from Croatia. People are extremely friendly, and the nature, especially its sea and coast, are something so beautiful that we have never seen such before.

When it comes to employment, it is really easy for MBA students and those who are done with college to find a really good job there. Companies are searching for people who speak at least one foreign language and are highly educated, giving them a high salary in return. Both of us are pretty sure that we want to go back and live there for at least few more months of our lives”.


Martin Marcinko

Martin Marcinko







Mexico has incredible food and people

ZSEM student Martin Marcinko spent a semestar at Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City

“I choose Mexico for my student exchange. It is a huge country, which geographical position and economy has a unique global perspective. Because of all of these it was very interesting to explore their culture and history. Universidad Panamericana several campuses in all big cities in Mexico. It is considered the best business school in Latin America. People are open and accessible, and the food is fantastic. I gained a lot of friendships as well as business contacts. In every way this experience was unique and unrepeatable.”

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