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Undergraduate Program in Business Mathematics and Economics

240 ECTS - Program in English

The undergraduate program in Business Mathematics and Economics places emphasis on business-economics and quantitative mathematics in order to prepare financial experts for work in the banking and financial sectors, as well as in production, distribution, logistics, telecommunications, software and other companies in Croatia and worldwide.

Small and highly interactive groups, led by lecturers educated both in Croatia and abroad, ensure that students will get all of the support they need to succeed in their learning. The first two years of the program are dedicated to basic mathematics and economics courses, with insights into courses with applied mathematics in economics and business administration. This way, theoretical knowledge is acquired with intense use of information technology and existing software. During the last two years of the program,
students learn to program mathematical algorithms independently in order to resolve problems in everyday business practice. The Capstone course allows students to take part in project creation as well as business case solution, using all of the acquired knowledge.

Moreover, the final year of the program offers optional courses to students, enabling them to profile themselves in the direction of financial mathematics and/or optimisation.

I chose to enroll into the Business Mathematics and Economics program because it offered an ideal balance of mathematics and economic courses, which are subjects that really interested me in high school. I am incredibly impressed by the way that the professors communicate content to students, using real world scenarios. For example, we examined how the bakery Dubravica uses research to make projected models for increasing sales. The program has had a great influence on me as it has given me a wider spectrum of careers I can choose from.

Mile Grbavac

I am delighted by this program because it offers the possibility of connecting mathematics and economics in the English language, which gives me a competitive advantage. My impressions are great and I am very satisfied with the first semester. I look forward to continue studying as well as the time that I will invest in my future knowledge.

Mirna Lazarić

I am really satisfied with the new Business Mathematics and Business Administration program because I can see that I will learn a lot of relevant information which I will be able to apply in my future career. Additionally, I especially like the class atmosphere–it’s as if our class is a big family. Everyone is always ready to participate in class and help one another out.

Mia Barbara Lacković

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