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Student Future Day is a traditional one-day event attracting large numbers of leading companies in Croatia, as well as ZSEM students, who are about to graduate and become an important asset on the labor market. This event, extensively covered in the media, was started by the students of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, with an aim to present ZSEM and its students to businesses operating in Croatia. As the time went by, this project surpassed mere presentation and has since become one of the major events of the School, striving to enable companies gain continued access to the students of ZSEM so as to find best candidates for full-time/part-time employment and internships.

Student Future Day also represents a unique opportunity for all the employers to specifically introduce themselves to the students of ZSEM, introduce their business operations and prospects of hiring offered to students interested in their company, or sector. Besides the full-day event, we also offer you the opportunity to hold a guest lecture at ZSEM, as well as the possibility to advertise over our website banners and in the student magazine SixSigma.

Representing your company at Student Future day enables you to participate in the round table, as well as hook up with the network of human resources managers of all the companies, giving you the opportunity to strike business deals and useful relationships.

Facts about Student Future Day


  • SFD is a project started by ZSEM students.
  • First SFD was held in 2006. It is being successfully organized in early April for the eleventh consecutive year.
  • The Goal of SFD is to acquaint and inform the participants, and to establish cooperation of ZSEM students and the business community in Croatia.
  • Every year, SFD is being visited by 20 corporate participants hailing from various sectors. It is also visited by the students of all years of both undergrad and graduate studies, as well as by the ZSEM Alumni.
  • According to the students’ opinion, SFD is one of the most effective and more efficient channels of recruitment of candidates for part-time and full-time employment, as well as for internships.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management is for the eleventh consecutive time hosting the Student Future Day, which is going to take place on the 20th of April at the premises of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

Student Future Day is a full-day event receiving extensive media coverage, joining together a large number of leading Croatian companies so as to introduce themselves to our students and graduates. The goal fo the project is to enable direct meeting point of the graduates and other ZSEM students with the representatives of the business community at mutual advantage.

At the 11th Student Future Day, present your company as a top-class employer, exchange experiences with colleagues form other companies, and interview prospective candidates for internship, part-time and full-time employment. Besides the full-day event, we also offer you the opportunity to hold a guest lecture at ZSEM, as well as the possibility to advertise in the student magazine SixSigma. Our offer includes prospects of advertising over our website banners, participating in the round table, as well as an opportunity to hook up with the network of human resources managers of all the participating companies.

For the brochure of the last year’s Student Future Day, click .

Deadline for applications for this year’s event is 15th of March 2016.

Why should companies present themselves for the ninth Student Future Day? You can find answers on the followinglink.

Subscription fee for participating in the “11th Future Day” is 3,500 kunas + VAT, which includes the following:

  • Participation in a full-day program
  • Promotional counter with a logo and presenter’s banner (foyer of the ZSEM building)
  • Possibility to hold a presentation on the company
  • Promotion on the ZSEM website (
  • Text and logo of the company in the brochure “11th Student Future Day”
  • Advertisement in the student magazine Sixsigma
  • Gift package of books
  • Possibility to take part in the round table about a given topic
  • Media Coverage

Deadline for applications is 15th of March 2016.

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For all the additional information, please contact us at the following e-mail and our telephone number 01/235 4074.

10th Student Future Day

Leading portal for education and training in Croatia Educentar within MojPosao, is talking about Student Future Day which is organized for the ninth time, an opportunity for companies to reinforce the image of a desirable employer among the generations yet to come into the labor market.

Excellent opportunity for rich HR networking in the premises of Zagreb School of Economics and Management, LIDERportal writes about Student Future Day.

Why is it good for companies to participate in the 11th Student Future Day-in? What additional benefits businesses gain from participation in the Student Future Day-in? these and other questions, read on the website where you can read an interview with Jelena Jankovic, a consultant in the Career Center and organizer of the 11th Student Future Day’s.

Student Future Day at Zagreb School of Economics and Management is an excellent opportunity to meet in one place, and perhaps you select an immediate business tasks entrusted to the highest quality students. Read the rest of the article about the Student Future Day on the following link.

Portal for economic news, financial services and information for financial health writes about Student Future Day

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