Adding courses on your Blackboard account

Go to  (without WWW !).

Login with your username : (not hjerkovi.zsem)

and password which you use for ZSEM mail and WebCT.

Click on Courses:


Click on Diplomski studij for adding courses from MBA study:

If desired course has self-registration enabled than add course to your Blackboard account, if course does not have self-registration enabled than contact teacher on that course so she/he can add you manually, or ask teacher to turn self-registration on:



Click on Submit


You will receive conformation:

Click OK:

Added course will be automatically opened. By clicking on option Courses you can do same procedure over again and add any other needed courses on your Blackboard account. With option My Institution you will be returning on your account Homepage where you can see list of courses that you have added and list of announcements.


When you access Blackboard with your mobile, writing in textual areas might be disabled for you. In that case just turn off rich text editor with following option and writing will be enabled: