Goran Oblaković, PhD - Zagrebačka škola ekonomije i managementa


Goran Oblaković, PhD

Associate Dean of the undergraduate programs, program director of the Executive MBA graduate program at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management as well as the Academic Director for the Undergraduate Program in Economics and Management. He completed his PhD in management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, defending the dissertation „Risk Management at the Strategic and Operational Levels of Swiss Banks: Current Status and the Lessons Learned from the Subprime Crisis“. He completed his master’s studies in strategic finance (MSSF) and business administration (MBA) at the Indiana University Southeast, USA, where he also completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration (BS).

In 2013 he joined the Management, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Department at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. His areas of scientific and research interest include risk management, banking, and entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience working in logistics and consulting, and has worked for corporations such as FedEx, Target, and also for the United Nations, Indiana University, and couple of startups. From 2016 he is also the Head of the Management, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Department.

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