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ZSEM Alumni network

Alumni Entreprenureal Network

Alumni Entrepreneur Network is a business network of all the members of the ZSEM alumni – entrepreneurs. The aim of this network is to connect all alumni members who have started own company, are currently undertaking entrepreneurial efforts, or wish to embark on any sort of entrepreneurial endeavor. They use the network of ZSEM Alumni to share their practical experiences, knowledge, counsel regarding the risks, but also the excitement of starting up and leading a new company.

  • Stay connected with all the ZSEM alumni/entrepreneurs, and share your visions of success.
  • Attend and take part in all the events of the entrepreneurial network.
  • Connect with successful entrepreneurs and the members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem both in Croatia and across the globe.
  • Accompany professors, experts and professionals in their research
  • Support the network that may help you start with a business of your own.

Please remember that each person knows something you don’t. For that reason, listen carefully, connect, ask questions, learn and keep on learning.

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