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Services for Companies

The Goal of the Career Center is a long-term individual cooperation with the companies engaged in the processes of internship and recruitment of young prospective employees in accordance to the firm’s preferences and objectives. In this way, we intend to stress personal approach, availability and sound support of ZSEM management in all our business relations to the employers. Career Center Cooperates with some of the major Croatian companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, through intermediation in finding employment and internship opportunities of the students and graduates of ZSEM.

The main activities of the Center are career planning, and self-assessment of the students, professional orientation and labor market assessment, employment and demand for employment, expert internship, and cooperation with the companies of the Career Business Club so as to improve corporate profile by recruiting ZSEM students, and to improve existing internship programs by introducing younger staff to operations.

Facts regarding the ZSEM students

  • One of the obligations ZSEM students have is to complete Internship during the 4-year study program.
  • About 20 students of ZSEM has in the last academic year completed his or her internship in the international companies abroad.
  • More than 25% of students leave for international exchange to one among 150 partner universities.
  • ZSEM students study together with more than 300 foreign students from all over the world.
  • Outside the scope of regular instructions at ZSEM, students actively take part in various guest lectures and conferences hosted by the School, and other institutions, as well as in the case-study competitions.
  • ZSEM students take part in the activities of the Student Council, the Press Club, the Sport Student Union, the IT Club, the Student Financial and Investment Club, the Student Management Club and the NEXT Junior Enterprise
  • ZSEM students enjoy the continued support of the ZSEM Career Center, which instructs them on how to write their resumes and cover letters, and readies them up for job interviews. Services of the Career Center are available to all the students, including the members of the alumni community.

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