Financing - Zagreb School of Economics and Management


Methods of payment

Bank transfer – payment is made at a bank, post office or online. Payment confirmation copy must be presented at the time of enrollment.

One installment – if the payment will be made at one time. A copy of the payment confirmation must be presented at the time of enrollment.

Credit cards – payment can be made via the Internet or at our Accounting Office. For any assistance, please contact our Accounting Office at [email protected].  Accounting Office is located at Jandrićeva 12, however, please make an appointment in advance by calling 01/2316-765.

  • PBZ Card Premium Visa – 12 installments without interest
  • Diners – 12 installments without interest
  • PBZ accounts Visa, Maestro – 12 installments without interest
  • Othe rbanks accounts – Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, UnionPay International – one installment

Student loans – ZSEM has agreements with local banks which offer ZSEM students loans with very favorable loan term conditions, i.e. no financial burden during study. Additionally, students are given a grace period of 12 months after graduation before repayment must begin. The repayment period is limited to up to 10 years. Students will need a Letter of Acceptance from ZSEM, which is issued by the Student Services office (referada) in order to apply for a student loan.

Favorable student loans includes:

Erste –   General information – education loan for the students at ZSEM

Zagrebačka banka – Education loan

Zaba – an example of a calculation

PBZ – PBZ Educa loans

For all other information, please contact the marketing office.