KEDGE Business School & ZSEM - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

KEDGE Business School & ZSEM

Get a MBA degree in any specialization at ZSEM and an International Master program at KEDGE Business School in Boudreaux (France).

Fall semester at ZSEMSpring semester at KEDGEInternshipGet two degrees

Students who successfully finalize both programs will attain two diplomas, one from ZSEM and a second diploma from KEDGE Business School. KEDGE is a first class Business School accredited by AACSBEQUIS and AMBA.

Can I apply for the additional degree program even when I am in the fourth year of my bachelor?

Yes, you can apply and reserve your place. But you are going to be asked to register to the master program not later than September 2017.

How many available places are there? 

10 available places.

Which specializations can I take at KEDGE?

  • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (English)
  • Finance (English)
  • Global Management (English)
  • Marketing (French)

How can I apply? 

Contact the International Office [email protected]

For more information about KEDGE Business School click here.

Among top 5% of best business schools in the world

The Best Business School in Croatia

Leader in educating HR specialists