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Accomodation, visa and FAQ



Accommodation in Zagreb is NOT INCLUDED in the fee. Accommodation IS ONLY INCLUDED in Zadar during the 3-day field trip.

Here is a list of resources that you can use to help you find accommodation:

Private Accommodation

If you do not wish to stay in the student dormitory, you can alternatively look for private accommodation on your own.

The school will be happy to assist you in the process of finding a flat by providing helpful links to various rental agencies that offer short term apartment rental. Additionally, we created a Facebook page whose discussion section can be used to share experiences and/or flat share arrangements with your fellow ZSEM students and our summer school students from previous years. Prices of private accommodation in Zagreb vary depending on the city area, size, and amenities that apartments include.

PLEASE NOTE: If you should choose this option School holds no responsibility in finding and/or arranging private accommodation. This is solely up to you.

ZSEM cooperates with HomeinZagreb Agency. You are welcomed to send your inquiry through them or any other accommodation provider: 

Other recommendations





If students require a visa to enter Croatia, they are required to pay the total tuition fee in order to acquire necessary documentation. In case their visa is denied for any reason ZSEM will return the payment after charging 10% of administrative costs. Postage costs are also incurred by applicants.

Health Insurance

All international students are required to have health & travel insurance from their home country prior to their arrival in Croatia. This type of insurance has to be valid in case any health services will need to be used while staying in Croatia. For students coming from the EU countries their EU health insurance card is valid under the stated terms&conditions.

Any questions and support that students may need prior to arriving and during their stay can be directed to the summer school coordinator Nikol Scrbec, [email protected].



Who can apply?

Everyone who is interested and is currently and enrolled student; there are no formal conditions (besides motivation). The Summer School is targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students. The Summer School courses are conceived for those who need to deepen and widen their knowledge. The majority of the participants in the past were undergraduate students and young graduates (from academia and research institutions both public and private).

Can master level students attend?

Of course they can, in fact there are several courses offered for master level students. Although some courses have been conceived to answer the needs of undergraduate students, graduate students motivated to follow the courses can apply as well. Please feel free to contact our coordinators for any advice regarding the courses.

I am 18 years old and just finishing high school. Am I eligible to participate in ZSEM Summer School?

We do not usually offer summer program for high-school graduates, but for more information on the other programs that ZSEM offers please contact our coordinators directly.

Do I need a visa to come study at ZSEM’s Summer School?

For details whether or not you’re required to obtain a visa to enter Croatia, please refer to the web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All costs incurred upon application and issuance of the visa is student responsibility.

I want to do an internship in Zagreb. Can I apply for it?

No, ZSEM Summer School is purely an academic program, and it does not offer internships. If your intention is to do an internship during your summer in Zagreb, you will need to contact ZSEM’s International Office and Mr. Aguayo at [email protected] or visit the website at

Please keep in mind that due to legal issues, Croatian companies can not offer any financial support for internships.

What courses are offered during the Summer School Program?

From our homepage click on Courses or click here! ZSEM holds a right not to offer courses for if there are less than 15 applicants when the application deadline finishes.

Does ZSEM Summer School offer language courses? 

Although all of our courses are taught in English, they are not language courses. We are, however, offering a course that will cover Croatian culture (Croatian Studies), that all participants get as an additional course.

How many courses may I take during the 3-Week program?

Students are advised to take one course from the list because apart from that course students have Croatian studies course which includes field trips and company visits. An additional course from the course list can be taken, but students need to be aware that the amount of work necessary to complete all the courses will be significantly higher.  Each individual course is 3 hours, 5 days per week, while Croatian studies is 3 hours once a week but includes field activities such as visits to companies, museums, and similar institutions.

How many courses may I take during 9-Day program?

Our short 9-Day program offers only one course: Summer Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Can I earn ECTS credits from the Summer School?

Yes, every course in 3-Week program is worth 6 ECTS credits, while Croatian studies bring 3 ECTS credits. However, we always advise to check at your home institution to find out whether they will confirm credits earned at the Summer School. (Upon completion of the program, we deliver a Certificate, i.e. we certify your presence and the grade obtained through exams and/or projects). We can also provide grade transcripts and similar official documentation if needed on your home institution. 9-Day program is credited for 4 ECTS.

Do grades and credits count toward graduation?

For ZSEM students, credit hours and grades count the same as in fall or spring terms. For visiting students, transfer of grades or credit is determined by your home institution.

How long is each session?

Summer courses are compressed into three-week sessions. Classes meet Monday through Friday for 3-hour periods unless otherwise specified.

How much studying will I have to do?

The ZSEM Summer School is intended for mature and highly-motivated students who are prepared to do academic work. Students may expect to do 1-3 hours of study most days, not including the classes.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the ZSEM Summer School session?

Yes, after the session has ended we will award each student who has successfully completed their course a course diploma with the grade percentage and grade written on it. Upon the students’ request, we can also provide a grade transcript.

How many students are there in each course, and where are they from?

The course sizes vary, but there are normally between 15 and 25 students per course. We usually have students from all over Europe, the US and Mexico as well as Asia and Australia.

Can I apply via e-mail?

No. Please apply using the online application form available here

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is June 1 for 3-Week program and July 1st for 9-Day program. However, the earlier you apply the better, as students are accepted on a first come, first served basis. If you would like ZSEM Summer School to arrange your accommodation in the off-campus student dormitory, you should apply no later than the end of April.

What happens if I send the form more than once?

We will only take into account the last form you have sent.

I have a problem with the online application. What do I do? 

Technical problems, like our server not working (problems, maintenance periods), disturbances on the Internet or in your local network, happen. Waiting some time usually makes the problem go away. If you experience other internet related problems (web browsing, e-mail) the problem might be local or even specific to the computer. If nothing helps, drop us a note.

Fees and Payment

How much does it cost?

The price for Summer School  can be found under tuition fees.

Does the Summer School offer any grants or subsidies?

No, the Summer School is financed exclusively by participant’s fee and has no resources of its own.

My university has an exchange agreement with ZSEM. Do I still have to pay the Summer School course fee?

For this matter, please contact the International Relations office at your home university, or ZSEM Summer Coordinators directly.

How can I pay?

Here are the bank account numbers you can use to make the payment.

If I should have to cancel my participation, will the fees I have already paid be refunded?

If you have paid the fee prior to the June 1 deadline, ZSEM Summer School will refund your money after deducting 10 % charge and banking fees.

What other expenses will I have besides tuition?

Additional costs include, but are not limited to accommodation, transportation, and food. The accommodation costs vary from 270 EUR to 350-400 EUR (per person, including overheads). Students wishing to be in private apartments need to apply by the latest by May 1. Food and other costs can vary depending on lifestyle; meals in student cafeterias cost approximately 4-5 EUR.

How can I handle money?

The best way to handle money is to take both a credit card and a bank debit card with ATM capabilities. There are numerous ATM machines in Zagreb from which you can withdraw cash. All cards should be checked before leaving home.

Where can I stay?

Accommodation is available at youth hostels, hotels or private apartments. No accommodation facilities are available on the campus. In case you need advice or assistance with accommodation, please let us know- we will be happy to help.

What are the rules and regulations governing my participation?

Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to represent their home country and to facilitate the success of the Summer School. Rules include but are not limited to the following: Students must be in class on time. The possession or use of alcohol and other drugs is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate dismissal from the Summer School. Smoking is forbidden on School grounds. Students must dress appropriately for classes and excursions. Independent travel outside of ZSEM must be approved by the Summer School Coordinators in advance.

Where can I find out more about Croatia and the Zagreb School of Economics and Management?

On the official ZSEM site as well as on this web page you can find useful information about Zagreb, Croatia, as well as School regulations.

Will I have daily computer access while attending the Summer School?

Yes, the computer labs at ZSEM are open and accessible Mon-Fri from 9 am till 9pm.

Should I bring my own computer with me or can I use the computers at ZSEM?

ZSEM has computer facilities, and you will have access to the computer labs. If you do bring your own laptop, ZSEM offers free WLAN Internet access.

How can I keep in contact with my family?

The students have daily access to computer labs. All the computers have Skype installed so you can stay in touch with your loved ones.  The students have daily access to computer labs. All the computers have Skype installed so you can stay in touch with your loved ones. Please note that you will need your own Skype account and enough Skype Credit to contact mobiles or home numbers

Will someone come and meet me at the airport? 

Upon your arrival in Zagreb Airport, you will be requested to take an airport bus to the Central Bus Station (Autobusni Kolodvor). We will email all our students instructions on how to get from the airport to the city center. The Summer School Coordinators and their designees will make sure that all the students know how to find the accommodation, what to do on the first day, etc.

How can I manage transportation?

The best way to manage transportation in Zagreb is to buy a prepaid card for all means of public transportation (trams and buses). That is the easiest and cheapest way. Prepaid tickets can be purchased on various places around the city. Summer school coordinators will be happy to assist you with that information.

Do I have to have travel insurance?

Yes. All applicants will need to send a copy of their travel insurance via e-mail or fax prior to their arrival to Croatia.

Does ZSEM Summer School have insurance for its students?

No. We strongly recommend that all students obtain travel insurance prior to leaving their home country, especially students coming from non-EU states.

What if I become ill or have an accident?

There are very good medical facilities, including an out-patient clinic and an internationally recognized hospital, situated very near to the School. All medical costs must be paid for at the time of service. Insurance claims must be filed by the patient with the health insurer in their home country.

What students say about ZSEM?

David Coss

Its amazing and rare that one country has all the beauty in the world. I will never forget my travel experience in Croatia.

Karolina Hajman

The program also involved trips to significant companies and factories in Croatia as well as a trip to the US embassy and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Combining the theoretical knowledge gained from lectures and learning about the experiences companies go through has really given me a deeper vision of how negotiations are done in the true business world.

Alice Wang

I enjoyed meeting the students and interacting with them. I really got to see the different cultural aspects and meet students not only from Croatia but also from other countries around the world.

Dan Chamness

This experience was one of the highlights of my college career. I had a chance to immerse myself in a new culture, learn valuable skills, and have a great time in the process!

Among top 5% of best business schools in the world

ZSEM among 200 of best schools in the world, among 60 of best in Europe

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