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Borna Jalšenjak, Ph.D.

Born in 1984 in Zagreb, where he graduated from elementary school and high school (II high school) and graduated in 2003. He studied two-year study of philosophy and religious culture at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus – Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb. Associate Professor at the Department of History of Philosophy at FFDI, and enrolled in a postgraduate doctoral study in philosophy at the Croatian Studies, where he received the title of Doctor of Science in 2014. At the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, he collaborates on the courses Introduction to Philosophy, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility and at the Center for Business Ethics. He is also one of the founders and leaders of the Association for the Promotion of Philosophy ( as part of which he has participated in the realization of several projects and symposia. Areas of interest include ethics, anthropology, philosophy of culture, epistemology, history of philosophy, and related disciplines.


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Krkač, Christian; Jalsenjak, Borna. Apparent social contract as the basis of real society. / / Renewed Life. Journal of Philosophy and Religious Sciences. 64 (2009), 2; 179-197 (journal article).
Sestak, Ivan; Jalsenjak, Borna. Human existence and animal existence. / / Renewed Life. Journal of Philosophy and Religious Sciences. 64 (2009), 1; 7-32 (journal article).
Jalsenjak, Borna. Animal Consciousness and Morgan’s Canon. / / Proceedings of the symposium on the topic of consciousness / Spajić, Ivan; Čuljak, Tihana (eds.). Zagreb: Student organization of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus, 2006. 39-48 (lecture, published).

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