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Olivera Majić, Ph.D.

Holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Zagreb, with the final thesis in Politics of International Trade and Conflicts of National Interests. In 2007, she completed her postgraduate scientific studies in the field of Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb. She lectured economics-related subjects at the First School of Economics in Zagreb. She has been with the ZSEM from its foundation, teaching at both professional undergraduate and graduate studies. In 1995, she published a book entitled Business Communication, which was re-published in 2004. In 2008, she published a book Written Business Communication in Tourism.



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  1. Member of CrossCultural Management Comitee of EuroMed Academy EMBRI;

Conference Attendance:

  1. Jurković Majić, O. i Martinović, M.: Research on Users’ Satisfaction with the Quality of Services in Secondary Education in Croatia, 4th CIRCLE Conference, Marketing Consumer Behaviour and Religious Tourism and Events, April 2007, Calabrai, Italy ;
  2. Track Chair for Services Marketing and Session Chair for Internationa and Regional Trade at 1st Annual EuroMed Conference at Marseille Ecole de Management, France, 2008.

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