Message from Associate Dean - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Message from Associate Dean

Maja MartinovićDear friends,

The purpose of this web page is to help you bring the final decision on the choice of your future graduate studies. Each of the mentioned programs is composed of a number of courses whose contents are intertwined and they supplement each other, giving a student a more thorough insight into theoretical and practical knowledge and skills within a chosen program. Therefore, the decision to study at Zagreb School of Economics and Management is the decision to enter a world of possibilities that can surely mobilize your best abilities and potentials. You will get the guidance of our lecturers, experts in particular areas, top theoreticians, practicians, managers, consultants and advisers, all of whom have both domestic and international experience. Our faculty, in addition to formal titles and knowledge, also have the business experience they share with students in order to introduce them to current and future business challenges.

Being aware of the fact that only knowledge, constant progress and development can ensure a safe opportunity in today’s economy, we are constantly upgrading the work of the School, and we are trying to teach the came culture to our students. What distinguishes our School and its programs is keeping pace with the developed world, and adjusting to the new business reality, which is, on the one hand, turbulent and changeable, but, on the other, somewhat predictable as well as demanding due to the necessity to adapt to doing business according to the European Union standards.

The environment in which you will study will surely contribute to your fast development and will enrich and change your perspective on doing business. What makes our programs special is the fact that our students are the main factors and the main reason for their existence. Students work in a technologically advanced, creative, interactive atmosphere that encourages learning. Using modern teaching methods such as simulations, we make theory a reality. We always strive for a better quality, in which the opinions of our alumni students are of invaluable importance. They think the studies are demanding to the point that they present a challenge, but, in the end, bring satisfaction for the invested effort and time.

Upon the completion of studies, our students do not break their relations with the School. Zagreb School of Economics and Management is a community which gathers the existing and alumni students, faculty and associates, friends from the business and academic communities into a circle of continuous exchange of intellectual, spiritual and other goods. We would like to invite you to become a part of this community.

More about the program goals and learning outcomes can be read here.

We hope that the following information will help you choose the program; however, should your interest for our programs go beyond the information provided on this web page, feel free to contact us or visit at our School premises.

Maja Martinović, PhD

Associate Dean