8th ZSEM Science Festival - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

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8th ZSEM Science Festival

8th Science Festival was held.

From the very beginning, Zagreb School of Economics and Management has encouraged the scientific work and development of its lecturers and students. Thus, ZSEM was among the first private higher education institutions to meet all the conditions and obtain a permit for scientific research. It was successfully renewed in the re-accreditation process last year.

Dedicated work has been recognized by relevant scientific publications, and our students and lecturers have been winners of the Hanžeković Award for many years – the most prestigious award in the field of economics in Croatia.

According to comparative research based on scientific sources and papers, using the Web of Science database, ZSEM is one of the most successful higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia, both in terms of the number of scientific articles and their quality measured by the impact factor.

In the field of economics, ZSEM has the largest impact factor in Croatia – 25. Furthermore, the Vice Dean for Science, Boris Podobnik, Ph.D. is the winner of the Web of Science award for one of the 1% most cited authors.

Among top 5% of best business schools in the world

ZSEM among 200 of best schools in the world, among 60 of best in Europe

Leader in educating HR specialists