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Choose a stimulating environment and spread its energy

I am a 2nd year student at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and have a Bachelor of Psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. I am also the newly elected president of the student organization, NEXT Junior Entreprise, which is active at ZSEM.

In this blog, I would like to share my study experience:

When I enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy, I had certain expectations, that unfortunately during my first and second years of the program were not met. It is not a horror story about the professors, but simply that the program and branch of psychology which is taught at the college was not something I liked. However, I decided to continue studying knowing that more interesting courses awaited in the future. In the meantime, I planned my enrollment at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, in response to my own desire for a better understanding in the field of social sciences – behavioural economics, and economics in general since I grew up in a family where it was ubiquitous. Last year I enrolled in the undergraduate program in Economics and Management at ZSEM. Where there was still a little uncertainty as to whether I had made the right choice, I remembered that the Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to one of the founders of behavioural economics, Richard Thaler. I hope you have at least once felt that a mass number of people recognized and welcomed your ideas and/or goals. If you don’t, read the papers more often – they give more social support than Instagram. The organizational climate at the new faculty was so motivating, that in my first month of studies I joined the student organization NEXT Junior Entreprise and am also working in the marketing office. I’m currently relaxing in my native town of Šibenik, while planning my next academic year.

From this short story, I would conclude three things. First, you are not going to like all the courses (and you don’t have to), but you need to pass them to reach the goal. Also, there is a great likelihood that you will need something from them. Personally, the knowledge I gained in psychology came in handy for my first project at NEXT. Second, choose a stimulating environment and spread its energy. Finally, do not confuse a stimulating environment with a pleasant one – stimulating implies that it should be both pleasant and motivating.

Author: Lucia Kulušić


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