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Fear is a good thing

If you’re not scared, you’re not doing it right.

Whilst writing this piece, I recall the moment when I first sat down in the unusual chairs of the lecture room at ZSEM, with the surprise of a whole new experience of studying awaiting me. Today, I can say that with certainty that it has surpassed almost all of my expectations.

I came to ZSEM as a transfer strudent from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and from the moment I transferred, my studies took on a new dimension. The first thing that surprised me was the new courses at ZSEM, which I didn’t anticipate would be offered within an Economics and Management program. What continued to delight me is how organized the lectures and syllabi were as well as the attitudes the professors had towards students. All of this right from the start was evidence that this school follows the global trends in education and does not take its AACSB accreditation lightly.

The other thing that I had in mind whilst writing this blog is that I do not want my words sound like a TV sales advertisement, but to instead illustrate that the possibilities that ZSEM offers me are something I have decided to take full advantage of and this is the ultimate source of my enthusiasm. One of the things I said to myself when I started this chapter in life is that I had to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible, because realistically, if we live in fear of new challenges, we will not be given a chance for personal growth and progress. Whenever I felt some kind of fear, I knew it was worth trying!

I became a part of the student organization NEXT-Junior Enterprise, which is part of ZSEM, and within which I have already gained experience in project management, market research, and analysis through marketing of social networks, design, and promotion. All of this experience can also be recognized as a student internship and I achieved this in the first year of being a member and also had the honor of the secretary of the organization coming to me at this year’s NEXT election session.

In my work for the organization, I realized how important it is for me to bring a part of myself in the work I do, because only then do I truly enjoy what I do. Each task is important, regardless of its complexity. Because of the creative aspect, marketing was always the most interesting field to me. Thanks to the ZSEM marketing office, I enjoy the dynamics and a variety of tasks. This year I also had the opportunity to participate in the organization of the New Europe Business Forum conference at ZSEM, where the audience could hearing inspiring speeches and experiences of the academic Krešimir Penavić and the president of the fashion brand Jimmy Choo, Tanya Golesic.

As much as I appreciate all the new experiences, I appreciate the many new acquaintances I make along the way and the motivation of my colleagues.

When I think about the road ahead, I know that I must continue to expand my horizons through working, especially when I know that it is appreciated. Because of this, I know that fear is a good thing and that it is okay if you’re a little insecure, because when you face your fears and accept new challenges, you will find out about your interests, and ultimately about yourself.

Author: Nikolina Jurjević


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