I apply practical knowledge from ZSEM at LDA Croatia - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

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I apply practical knowledge from ZSEM at LDA Croatia

Petra Bozic comes to us from Sisak and simultaneously studies at the Faculty of Law and at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, majoring in Business Law and Economics. With law and legal disciplines, economics is a branch of science that has always interested her.

In order to fulfill her ambitions, she began researching colleges and business schools in the field of economics, with her vision of the future in mind: specializing in commercial law and company law. Petra points out that it was very important for her to find a business school that would not distract her from legal science but provide her with economic knowledge and legal. After learning that our business school offers a business law and economics degree program, the decision is down: it will be ZSEM!

We are extremely pleased that Petra decided to enroll at ZSEM, as an assistant to the Department of Economics and Mathematics I had the opportunity to socialize with Peter and get to know her a little better. Petra is extremely ambitious and hardworking, seriously approaching all her responsibilities despite attending two studios that are quite different at the core. Economics is more quantitative in nature, so Petra was a little scared at first, but with a concerted effort she quickly cut through all the threads of economic flow, thought and logic and became one of my best students.

In her spare time, with very little to do with her studies and studies, Petra serves as the Legal Team Leader at the Leadership Development Association of Croatia-LDA Croatia. It is a non-profit, apolitical organization that aims at multicultural connecting young people from all parts of the world, working on student exchange projects and the like. Given the international character of the organization, working in the LDA, through practice, refines its legal knowledge, develops leadership, coordination and task delegation skills.

“I am very pleased that the practical knowledge acquired at ZSEM can be applied in the function of the LDA Croatia.”

Petra told us what she was doing and what she was dealing with, and sometimes we honestly wonder how everything works and how she manages to organize all her private and academic obligations. However, when you strive for excellence and know what you want in life, everything is possible and even find time to socialize with professors and assistants.

“I have years of experience working in organizations in the field of civil society (Cinema Club Sisak, Debate Club of Gymnasium Sisak, Sisak Association for Promotion of Alternative and Urban Culture, City Society of the Red Cross of Gymnasium Sisak). I am a person with many different interests, as evidenced by the functions I performed within the above organizations (a member of the organizing team and the head of the Sisak Film Festival guest office, a debate mentor at the revision debates in the “Schools for Africa” project, the head of the photo section at SUPAUK, a volunteer with the Red Cross, a volunteer who helps with the treatment of children with disabilities). In addition to studying law, I have participated in various conferences organized by the Law Faculty associations, as well as at the Law and Finance, Law and Medicine and Law and Communication Skills congresses. I am actively attending a Business English Club foreign language course at a foreign language school in Zagreb, and I practice martial arts. “

It is certainly an exceptional honor for me to teach such young and successful students and help them progress. Finally, another message from Petra to all our current and future students.

“After a year at the School I got a very good result and gained a lot of new knowledge. ZSEM is a school that offers a lot. Top lecturers, friendly professors, pleasant working atmosphere. It is up to you, dear students, what and how much of this School will be used! ”

Author: Anja Tkalcevic

Interviewer: Petra Bozic

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