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From leading the Student Sports Association to Event Marketing

Juraj Kluk, an alumnus of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management who during his undergraduate studies was the deputy chairman of the Student Sports Association, managed to combine his passion for sports, management, and leadership, which proved to be a winning combination.

During his studies, Juraj played Five-a-side football for ZSEM and was active in the Student Sports Association (SSU). When it was time to elect a new leader of the association, he decided to run for deputy chairman of the SSU where he was given the opportunity to work alongside the president of the association, professor  Zlatka Mateša, PhD to lead the Student Sports Association.

˝I felt that this was a great experience that would further prepare me for the business environment after graduation.˝

During his 3 years of SSU leadership, Juraj developed strong relationships and made many connections with ZSEM students, as well as students from other faculties and business schools participating in sporting events. Leadership requires a firm hand, but also maintaining friendly relationships with fellow students who need motivation and support during numerous sports competitions, as well as training and preparation. He cooperated closely with professor Maslać, PhD, who is the leader of ZSEM’s athletes and who counsels, mentors, and supports the leadership of the association.

For his final year of studies, Juraj decided to expand his experience and look for a professional practice that would provide him with additional knowledge. At that time, ZSEM’s Career Center announced the Red Bull Student Jobs contest for Sports Promotion Activities, which is closely related to what Juraj had learnt so far and working for a big company like Red Bull could mean he could learn much more.

˝I got my first student job through the Career Center at ZSEM, for Red Bull. It was a Student Brand Manager position. I believe my SSU leadership was crucial in getting this job. I worked with a large number of students in the SSU, ran small sports events, and so did Red Bull. This is, in fact, the type of work I deal with today.˝

After 2 years of a student job, Juraj received a job offer and is currently working as an assistant manager. It is a position in marketing that includes organizing and sponsoring sports events. Some of the more well known events he has worked on are: Poreč Major, Red Bull Sidrun, Pannonian Challenge, and Wings for Life World Run.

˝I’m happy and satisfied at work. I finished my studies and my time at Red Bull fully met my expectations. The business is dynamic, a lot of travelling is involved, and it is with a lot of young people. It is a laid back atmosphere, but everyone takes their job seriously. I can say that I love my job.˝

The Economics and Management program and the Marketing Department provided Juraj with the knowledge and skills he needed for successful first employment. In particular, he says that the Marketing Management course was particularly useful, where he worked on a marketing plan for Cockta.

˝It is interesting that after my studies, I have maintained a close relationship with the colleagues I studied with. After our studies, most of them found themselves in interesting positions within their workplace, which allows us to collaborate and meet at various events and classes. Only now do I understand the notion of networking, which was emphasized and talked about during my studies.˝

Juraj is still actively involved in the Student Sports Association, where he is currently a member of the supervisory board. He is also thinking about continuing his education in ZSEM’s graduate MBA program and he hopes to continue making progress.


Author: Marija Oblaković

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