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My love for economics was born in elementary school

Our alumnus Martina Bilić joined us at the Orientation Day and told her story to our freshmen students. After completing her undergraduate studies and her MBA in Accounting and Auditing at ZSEM, Martina continued her education in order to receive the ACCA accreditation for international accountants.

At the age of 14, when she finished elementary school, she wanted to enroll in a High School with a focus on Economics, however her parents, who finished the V. secondary school in Zagreb didn’t like that idea. They thought that the best path for their daughter would be to enroll in a High School where she would have the opportunity to learn about Latin, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects which she wouldn’t have at an Economics High School. After graduating she was still persistent in wanting to study Economics, so her parents finally gave in and supporter her dream. Together they decided that the Zagreb School of Economics and Management would be the best choice for Martina.

Today, Martina says that this was the best decision her parents could’ve made and is very grateful to them. She was an excellent student, attended all lectures and absorbed her professor’s advice. Martina herself says that she was pretty “boring” because she would always be sitting in the first row, constantly asking questions because she was so interested in her field of studies. Although she was always very focused in school, she still found time to go out. She paid a lot of attention during seminars and lectures and therefore didn’t have to spend too much time studying at home.

Her will and desire didn’t only last before enrolling into ZSEM but remained throughout her student years, when she was finally studying what she was really interested in. Martina was also a tutor in accounting and was later hired in the accounting department. Despite her mother thinking this wasn’t the right area for her, she stood her ground and stuck with it. During her summer internships she had realized that she simply was not interested in Marketing or Sales, which gave her additional confidence in dedicating herself to accounting.

On her third year, she spent a semester on international exchange in Sweden, which was an unforgettable experience that expanded her horizons. While doing her MBA she went abroad again and attended the John Carroll University in the USA.

“I would recommend everyone to at least spend one semester abroad. Besides the knowledge you will acquire at the university, you will learn a lot more. How to live alone, being away from your friends and family, and how to deal with people from different cultures and with different worldviews. And one more thing – Don’t give up on your dreams, fight for what you want and be persistent. Persistence will eventually pay off.”


Author: Mia Bilogrević

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