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Open Day for Graduate MBA Studies Held

On the 29th of May 2018, ZSEM held the Graduate School open day presenting the MBA programs it offers. The Associate Dean, professors, and graduate students presented in front of guests and prospective students. The event was organized by the graduate school coordinator, Elizabeta Ivančević. Following an introduction by the Associate Dean, Maja Martinović, PhD, a lecture on the topic ‘Challenges of leadership’ was held by Borna Jalšenjak, PhD. His interactive presentation was inclusive of all those present, showcasing the dynamic teaching style of the MBA programs. The lecture following on ‘Digital Trends’ was held by Hrvoje Maljak, PhD. Maljak discussed new trends emerging in the field, and demonstrated how they can be integrated to enhance existing business practices, touching on the fact we are all impacted by the global changes in digital trends. Associate Dean Martinović, alongside the Office for International Cooperation and the Career Center, presented the MBA courses and the numerous opportunities they provide. The audience also learned more about ZSEM’s history and its numerous accreditations that make ZSEM the best business school in Croatia.

The formal part of the event closed off with presentations from two students that talked about their experience of studying in ZSEMs MBA program and the double degree masters program. ZSEM offers the opportunity to study at a double degree masters program, where students who complete the program obtain a diploma from ZSEM, and another diploma from one of the partner universities. The open day event concluded with a formal and informal gathering, where prospective students could converse with administrative staff, professors, and students, and discuss ZSEM and the MBA programs.

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