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Student Innovations for Borovo

For many years now, ZSEM students have been creating marketing plans for foreign and Croatian companies as part of the course “Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior”. For example, in 2016 they created a marketing plan for PIK, and last year for Franck. At the beginning of this semester, students were asked to draw up a plan for the shoe collection “The Big Blue” and the model “borosana” from the Croatian company Borovo.

The task was: “from work shoes to fashion footwear after 50 years of existence of the brand”. The four best teams were selected and presented their projects to the marketing experts at Borovo. The first group adapted to the growing need for autochthonous products in Croatia’s tourism, and presented borosana as an original souvenir of the country. The second group picked the The Big Blue collection and decided to make it more attractive for business people.

The third group found the use of borosana in the healthcare sector, and even designed closed borosans for healthcare professionals. The fourth team developed a design of borosane for young girls. Borovo’s representatives were very satisfied with the students’ presentations, and both ZSEM and Borovo each selected a winner team .

ZSEM awarded the students Mate Mioč, Sanja Krajinović, Davor Mijić, Valentina Kafadara and Nives Džida (third group) due to their remarkable teamwork and very innovative ideas, while Borovo selected students Ivo Matić, Slavica Marijan and Josip Hadžić (fourth group) for their precise marketing plan and well-conducted research. Congratulations!


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