Studying at FER and ZSEM - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

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Studying at FER and ZSEM

Damjan Vinković, a student of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, gives us brief insight into his academic path. Damian began his studies at FER in 2013 after completing  MIOC high school in Zagreb. After finishing his undergraduate program at FER, he decided to enroll into economics as well. Damian first wanted to enroll at the Faculty of Economics (EFZG), but due to poor organization and the non-recognition of the subjects he passed at FER, he began looking for alternatives. After looking at all the options available to continue his studies, he decided to enroll at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and stresses that he does not regret his choice. A few weeks ago, he defended his thesis at ZSEM, on “Financial Crisis Prediction Through Data Driven Decision Making” and will soon begin his graduate studies in the Quantitative Finance program. Given the fact throughout his undergraduate studies he was interested in finance, especially the financial derivatives market, he saw that he lacked fundamental knowledge, thus he decided to invest further into his education and continue his studies.

“The idea is to find a labor market area where I will be able to use the acquired knowledge from both faculties, such as quantitative analysis in investment funds.”

Currently, he works as a trainee at InterCapital Asset Management and using the economic knowledge he acquired at ZSEM, he proposes possible ways of trading strategies and management of portfolios, and then tests these models in the past and in real time using FER program and mathematical knowledge. Damjan manages to find free time because studying at work gives him better time management. It also helps that he is in constant communication with professors, who answer his additional questions given most of the professors at ZSEM are in the field. During his studies at ZSEM, he also participated in two projects, one of which was won with ASIC Erdut. The aim of the ASIC competition was to make a marketing plan for the Erdut municipality. Damjan was part of a team lead by an assistant at ZSEM, Matea Hanžek. In order to get to know the municipality and its residents better, the team travelled to Erdut, which proved to be a crucial move to win this international competition. Damjan points out that in spite of the great personal effort and dedication, it would not have been possible without the support of the professors, and that is why at the graduate level, he again chooses to study at ZSEM.


Author: Anja Tkalčević

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