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Visit by Emeritus director Niehoff of John Carrol University

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management has been a partner university of the John Carrol (Cleveland) American Catholic University for many years now. At the end of May, patron Robert Niehoff, the Emeritus director, visited ZSEM. During his stay, he discussed the past and future cooperation between the two educational institutions. Pater (Father) Niehoff had the opportunity to talk to the students of the new DBA program at ZSEM and wished them much success in their studies. He built his rich academic career at several US Catholic colleges, where his focus mainly lied on finances but he also gained extensive experience in setting up and running Catholic universities, especially from 2005 to 2017, when he served as rector of the Catholic University John Carrol.

During his stay in Zagreb, he also found time to do an interview with Darko Grden from Glas Koncila. In the interview he shared his experience of the financial function of Catholic universities in the United States. He states that “Catholic universities in the United States are under pressure because they are expensive. There is no doubt about that. People often wonder what the average price is. The cost of studying at a  Catholic university averages between $ 45,000 and $ 50,000 a year, excluding travel and entertainment costs, as well as books”. In addition to the financial pressure, which is also due to the decline in the number of priests, 205 Catholic universities in the United States still feel the pressure of competing in culture and quality, all with the desire to be among the best Catholic universities. Pater himself says that thanks to his cooperation with ZSEM, he became a Croatian Ambassador in his country. More from the experienced Jesuit can be read in a new edition of the Glasa Koncila (23/2018).

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