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The Doctorate in Business Administration offers a programme of in-depth study and personal scholarship. Studying the DBA provides you and your organisation with leading edge development in management thinking. It enables you to develop and then apply the latest business and management theories to your own working environment.

The DBA allows you to make a difference to the way that management and professional practice is developed in your specialist area such as
– organisation and management
– human resources management
– tourism, hospitality and events
– public sector management
– strategy and change
– organisational behaviour
– operation management and leadership
– corporative and quantitative finance
– accounting, auditing and taxes
– corporate governance
– marketing and selling strategy
– corporate social responsible management practices
– an entrepreneur

It is for those who want the opportunity to become a recognised contributor to management thinking and advanced professional practice. Grounded in evidence-based research and a full doctoral thesis, equivalent in status to the PhD, this is the highest achievable qualification in higher education.
The DBA enables managers and senior professionals to pursue their academic, personal and career development goals. It builds on your existing academic, business and managerial experience, enhancing your professional credibility and differentiating you from your peers.

Duration 4 years
LocationZSEM / SHU
Tuition Fee35.200,00 Eur
Studies Abroad International modules at Sheffield Hallam University
END AWARD/AWARD TITLE(S)Doctor of Business Administration

Among top 5% of best business schools in the world

ZSEM among 200 of best schools in the world, among 60 of best in Europe

Leader in educating HR specialists