About Global Executive MBA Program - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

About Global Executive MBA Program

The Global Executive MBA program is designed to provide students with the finest quality courses from the primary fields of MBA programs, such as strategy, marketing, management, finance, and accounting, through a remarkable combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The program is created for a wide range of professionals who aspire to obtain advanced knowledge and skills in leadership. Lecturers are international leading experts with outstanding scientific, research, and industry contributions. 

The program leverages the collaboration between ZSEM and H-Farm. In addition to the diverse faculty from these institutions, students will have the chance to attend study trips in global business hubs such as Luxembourg (at the Luxembourg School of Business) and study trip to Singapore where they will engage with business leaders and learn more about these dynamic business ecosystems.

The goals of the Global Executive MBA program are to provide students with knowledge on key areas of business (Strategy, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, …), developing:

  • leadership skills
  • organizational behavior understanding
  • problem-solving skills through critical and analytical thinking
  • ability to adapt to a changing global business environment 
  • knowledge of new technologies impacts on business
  • skills of written and spoken business communication
  • value system where ethics and corporate social responsibility are important.

Target groups are professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience, candidates from mid-level and high-level management, also the program is convenient for department heads in state and government institutions and organizations along with non-profit organizations requiring an undergraduate degree (240 ECTS).