Why should you choose the General MBA Program?

ZSEM’s General MBA is a special interdisciplinary program that provides students a wide range of course options. The purpose of this program is to offer students the possibility of choosing the most interesting graduate courses that ZSEM offers. This way, students can mold their own educational experience that meets their learning goals.

In this program, students will take core courses in marketing, management, finance, banking, accounting, auditing and taxes. However, they will also be able to choose elective courses from other MBA specializations, creating a combination of courses that suits their individual needs. For those that wish to have a broader MBA experience in terms of acquiring knowledge and competencies from different areas of business administration, our General MBA represents an ideal choice.

Courses included in this program in the Management module include Strategy, and Business Ethics and CSR, in order to help students develop a grasp of strategic thinking and to recognize moral dilemmas in business, as well as make ethical business decisions. The Marketing Simulation offered puts students in the role of a Marketing Manager, who must make decisions in a virtual firm and develop a marketing strategy. The Financial Institutions and Markets, Financial Statement Analysis, and Financial Reporting courses all aim to make students literate in analyzing accounting and financial reports. Students are required to take four elective courses during the program, which will culminate in the creation of a Graduate Thesis. Because of the more broad approach provided in this program, our General MBA is perfectly suited to those that are just being introduced to business administration for the first time. In today’s dynamic business environment, organization members without a business background are being asked to take managerial positions, while not possessing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed inthem. This General MBA Program bridges that gap – if you want to advance within your organization and develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a managerial or leadership position, this program is for you.

Another special feature of this program is the possibility of extending its duration without additional tuition charges, i.e. the rescheduling of taking certain courses in the next academic year.

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