Program overview

In the last couple of decades, economics has acquired the characteristics of an exact science, with a clear structure firmly embedded in mathematics, empirical and data analysis and, ever increasingly, experimental methods. Moreover, the tools used in macro and financial economic analyses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the demand for individuals who are qualified to use them is immense.

Unfortunately, the education system in Croatia and immediate region fails to follow such trends in the field of economics. The South East European (SEE) region seriously lacks quality in economic policy decision making, with discretion and improvisations dominating over analytically-based search for the best economic solutions. The weaknesses in economic policies reflect, among other factors, the failure of the education system in the region to educate students in modern economics based on quantitative and empirical methods that are required for rigorous policy analysis and scientific research.

Zagreb School of Economics and Management’s Master of Arts in Economics graduate program offers to fill this void.

The aim of our graduate program is to educate highly-qualified economists, stressing in this context the importance of modern analytical and quantitative methods, and adapting a global approach to the regional environment. It is designed as a two year, full-time graduate program taught in English. The program intends to develop analytical skills necessary to study advanced economic models, whilst providing a well-balanced mixture of theoretical and applied economics.

We will be looking for students who envision themselves as either researchers or policymakers in the public/private sector, or wish to pursue PhD programs at eminent institutions of higher education abroad.

In this regard, the Master of Arts in Economics represents a novel initiative in higher education in the SEE region – a bold endeavor to enable new generations of economists to lead a dialog with the scientific community, contribute to modern economic thought and most importantly – improve policymaking in the region.

This program comprises basic courses taught in most graduate programs in Europe and the USA in the fields of macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, quantitative methods and finance. In designing the program structure, we drew on the experience of the most advanced programs in the USA (Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford) and Europe (London School of Economics, Bocconi University, University of Tilburg, University of Toulouse, University of Pompeu Fabra and the Autonomous University of Barcelona), where many of our faculty has either worked or studied. The program has received a recommendation from the Croatian National Bank (CNB), recognizing its excellent potential and significant quality.

Workshops and seminars

Students are strongly encouraged to engage in active research early in their studies, as an induction into the scientific publishing essential for the pursuit of both academic and professional careers. The main goal is to acclimatize students to the public presentation of their work, as well as to give, receive and accept criticism pertaining to the results of their research. Unfortunately, there often exist diverse barriers hindering young researchers who invest effort in affirming themselves in the scientific community. To aid in such aspirations, the school offers several opportunities for students to present their work in workshops and conferences both domestic and international.

Furthermore, students will be provided with necessary support regarding their research efforts, either individually or in groups. Workshops will be held to help promote the exchange of ideas between students; in an informal atmosphere, they will be able to discuss their work in connection with their Master’s theses and receive valuable feedback from their colleagues. This form of meeting is intended to encourage teamwork and enhance the academic development of students as they go through the process of dissertation preparation.

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