Accounting and auditing professions are dynamic, and they demand continuous training, professional education, and a following of prevalent global trends.  Because of the demanding nature of these fields, the Zagreb School of Economics and Management provides a solid foundation for anyone wishing to embark on a career in the fields of Accounting, Auditing or Tax advising through this program

This program enables students to acquire knowledge that will form the basis for further development and eventual acquisitions of relevant professional certifications in auditing, be it internal, external or forensic, or tax advising. This program tracks current trends in accounting and auditing practice, and pays special attention to areas of accounting that are currently relevant, such as the detection of financial fraud within the forensic auditing and financial instruments accounting.

This program was designed for accountants, auditors, and tax professionals who to advance to continue their professional development in these areas, as well as for managers who wish to supplement their skills with those from these areas. For those that wish to improve their corporate governance and advance their fraud prevention efforts, this program provides and outstanding theoretical and practical foundation.

ZSEM’s MBA in Accounting, Auditing and Taxes lasts two semesters and is completed with the defense of a Graduate Thesis.  Courses offered include Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting for Decision Making, Financial Fraud Detection, and many more. Students must also take two elective courses in the second semester of the program. Students will also be become familiarized with the Croatian tax system through the Direct Taxes in Croatia and Indirect Taxes in Croatia courses.  As with other program, ZSEM’s MBA in Accounting, Auditing and Taxes also includes the Business Ethics and CSR course, to provide students with an insight in moral dilemmas and how to solve them.

A significant feature of this program is an optimal combination of basic theoretical knowledge of modern finance, while connecting that theory with current practices which are prevalent in today’s domestic and foreign financial institutions and markets. Lecturers in this program include Hrvoje Volarević, Jurica Vukas, and Igor Jemrić (Croatian National Bank), Dario Silić (Bina Istra), Andrej Grubišić (Grubišić & partners), as well as other esteemed experts.

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4 Palms of excellence

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