About MBA in BMCS - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

About MBA in BMCS

In a globalized business world undergoing constant technological and market transformations, only those who are flexible, interdisciplinary educated, and ready for various fast and dynamic changes can succeed. In its activities, ZSEM strives to educate a new category of experts who will have all the above characteristics, with an emphasis on mathematical and computer disciplines.

We are witnessing significant digital transformations of companies, institutions, public administrations. All relevant world institutions (for example, World Economic Forum) intensively inform the world public about these trends. The start-up scene is developing rapidly, large companies are creating a start-up culture within themselves, all for timely monitoring of technological innovation and development. In addition to informing students about these trends, and bringing guest lecturers who directly share their experiences of digital transformations, ZSEM wants to deepen its involvement by creating new programs and new courses that will include more mathematical and computer knowledge.

From the defined goals of the program, students will acquire knowledge and competencies, including:
• specific knowledge of applied mathematics in economics, business administration, and finance
• knowledge of economics, business administration, and finance acquired through mathematical modelling
• knowledge of computer science, especially in the field of programming, data analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, and machine learning
• ability to interdisciplinary perception of problems, analytical and critical discernment, solving, comparison, evaluation, implementation
• ability to think creatively and develop products and services innovatively
• ability to act agilely and flexibly
• ability to organize efficient teamwork with the participation of experts from different fields, which in this time of information technology development and dynamic market changes is necessary for survival in a competitive environment
• skills of communicating and presenting problems, analyzing the same, systematically organizing the solution process, as well as discussing and interpreting the results
• ethical understanding and ability to reason ethically

Students will be qualified for jobs such as scientific researchers in the field of applied mathematics, statistics and economics (higher education institutions and institutes); market researchers and analysts (marketing); jobs in the banking sector in the positions of analysts, managers, and researchers; jobs in the financial markets in the positions of brokers, fund managers and analysts; jobs in the industry in business process optimization positions such as inventory management, capacity management, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics, and supply chain optimization as a whole; jobs in the software industry such as programmers and designers of basic, but also advanced software solutions that use predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning and the like. Programmers who will complete the MBA will understand business processes, and enable them to develop more efficient algorithms and software solutions, giving them an advantage in the labour market.

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