The ZSEM Graduate MBA Program in Finance and Banking, which is currently ranked among the 10 best programs of its type in Eastern Europe, aims to prepare students for a career in commercial banks, investment funds, insurance companies, and other similar organizations. However, this program would also be perfectly suited to those that plan on working in financial departments of companies operating in other sectors, as well as for those that plan a career in government institutions (the Croatian National Bank, Ministry of Finance, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, etc).

The program consists of two semesters, and culminates with the creation of a Graduate Thesis. The first semester features introductory courses, such as Financial Mathematics 2 and Introduction into Financial Econometrics, which both aim to transfer basic theoretical knowledge for students to better understand modern finance and financial data analysis. The first semester also features Financial Management, in which students will learn to analyze corporate securities in the primary and secondary capital markets, as well as financial strategies.

The second semester then builds on the foundations laid by courses in the first, by going into further detail through courses such as Financial Law, Financial Institutions and Risk Management, Portfolio Management and Investments, and more. This program also includes a course in Business Ethics and CSR, in which student will learn to recognize moral dilemma and create ways and processes to solve them. Also, in the context of today’s global economic crisis and financial scandals, ethical behavior of financial professionals has become more important than ever before. The Zagreb School of Economics and Management is dedicated to producing not only world-class financial experts, but also responsible global citizens.

A significant feature of this program is an optimal combination of basic theoretical knowledge of modern finance, while connecting that theory with current practices which are prevalent in today’s domestic and foreign financial institutions and markets. Lecturers in this program include Hrvoje Volarević, Jurica Vukas, and Igor Jemrić (Croatian National Bank), Dario Silić (Bina Istra), Andrej Grubišić (Grubišić & partners), as well as other esteemed experts.

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