About MBA in Quantitative Finance Concentration - Zagreb School of Economics and Management

About MBA in Quantitative Finance Concentration

ZSEM’s MBA in Quantitative Finance Concentration includes courses that are also taught at the majority of the graduate programs in Europe and the United States related to the field of Statistics and Finance.
This concentration has recently been included in Eduniversal’s list of the top 100 programs in the world in the area of Financial Markets. This is the second consecutive year in which our MBA in Quantitative Finance Concentration has been included in this list, and is placed ahead of similar programs in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France.

This two-semester concentration begins with courses in Financial Management and Financial Statement Analysis, along with Selected Chapters of Financial Mathematics that covers zero-coupon bonds, yield curves and hedging, yield measurement and other topics. The second semester includes courses such as Financial Derivatives, in which students will analyze forwards, futures, and swaps; Quantitative Methods for Managers; and Applied Econometrics, through which students will receive an overview of important statistical tests. However, these are just some of the courses offered in this very advanced concentration.
Every lecture covers a specific practical problem from the world of finance, which can be solved using one of the following programs: Eviews, gretl, and STRATA. Students will also receive detailed instructions on how to use these useful software packages, and will use real economic and financial data in their analysis.   Besides analyzing empirical data, the student will use numerical simulations to generate data with properties that can be found in empirical data.

Lecturers are both from Croatia and abroad, academic environment and business practice, including top experts from renowned financial institutions such as the Croatian National Bank and from some of Croatia’s largest commercial banks.

What students say about ZSEM?

Vitor Duarte

Professors at ZSEM are great since they resort to several innovative teaching methods, and most of the times I was able to learn from their personal experiences on the market. All of these made me feel very interested in the courses I was taking at the time and made me want to go for further knowledge.

Sid Eshuis

I like best that it's a small school and also the teaching style - during lectures and seminars we work on real case studies. There's not too much theory and everything is very practice oriented, which is very different from my university back home.

Maja Galić

The Graduate University Program in Financial and Business Mathematics is the final part of the fundamental University education of specialists in financial and business mathematics. Acquired knowledge and skills opened up opportunities in a field of Finance (later and Business), where I started to work from the beginning. In order to acquire further knowledge and skills related to business and economy, on the recommendation of experts, I developed an interest to take the MBA Program in Quantitative Finance at Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM). My education continued with courses in Financial Management and Statement Analysis, along with Selected Chapters of Financial Mathematics, and very important Quantitative Methods for Managers and Applied Econometrics- through which I received an overview of important statistical tests. Each lecture covered a specific practical problem from the world of finance, which in my opinion, is the best part of learning and preparing for the “real world”. Choosing this MBA program I consider as the best investment both in professional and in private life. I want to thank to all Professors in Program of Quantitative Finance whose expertise and knowledge have enriched my professional and personal growth and development. During this period I gained valuable perspective and further improve the hard work and numerous obligations and deadlines that were natural environment. I want to recommend Program in Quantitative Finance, mostly because that combination of mathematics and economics, which together provide a wide range of possibilities, is certainly among the most respected fields in a business world. The past five years I spent in the one of the largest European Banking Groups – Intesa Sanpaolo. I get the opportunity to work and live in international environment in Intesa’s headcourter in Milan, Italy- International Subsidiary Banks Division.

Ana Šimić

Studying at ZSEM has helped me get into the swing of things at my workplace more easily and quickly while my superiors are very often surprised by the scope and quality of the knowledge that I have acquired.

Matea Sokolar

From the beginning I had very high expectations about the MBA program at ZSEM, including both the subject courses and the professors. The thing that I liked the most was the way of teaching, especially from the international professors who encourage each lecture to have discussions and where students are encouraged to give their opinions. I also liked that the professors gave real life examples in class. Another thing that I liked about the program is that in both semesters, there were many international students so I had the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

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