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About MBA in Tourism Concentration

Tourism is one of the world’s leading industries, representing 7 % of total world exports and 29% of services exports (UNWTO). In GDP growth terms, the tourism sector outperforms most of the traditional industries, such as manufacturing and retail (WTTC). UNWTO estimates that international tourism receipts amounted to 1,451 billion USD in 2018. According to UNWTO, international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) increased by 5% in 2018, reaching a total of 1,401 million. International tourist arrivals worldwide are expected 1.8 billion by the year 2030 (UNWTO). Having in mind its significant contribution to the world’s economy, considerable social impacts and vast employment opportunities that tourism provides, it comes as no surprise that careers in tourism are becoming more attractive, especially in tourism-centric countries, such as Croatia. Career opportunities in tourism are extremely diverse and can range from careers related to the hospitality industry (hotel marketing and management), destination marketing (research, branding, advertising, public relations), destination management (tourism master planning, strategic planning, tourism destination development), event management, consulting, international organizations, etc.

About the MBA in Tourism concentration

The main goal of this concentration is to prepare students for different management positions within the tourism sector. Additionally, the concentration is also designed for professionals who pursued careers outside tourism and are interested in starting a career in the tourism industry, as well as for tourism professionals who would like to advance their knowledge and further develop tourism-related skills in order to be more competitive on the global tourism labor market.

Some of the courses included in this concentration are Tourism Concepts and Issues, Market Research in Tourism, Destination Management, and Marketing, ICT in Hospitality and Tourism, and many others. This concentration will be lectured by Croatian and foreign experts with extensive practical and theoretical experience from the field of tourism. Study groups are small, which allows for intensive interaction between students and lecturers; students are encouraged to actively participate in the courses.

The concentration consists of two semesters and obligatory and organized 4 months working on one of the projects with our partners, ending with writing a Graduate Thesis focused on a particular topic in tourism. Additionally, this concentration offers students the opportunity to listen to a variety of tourism courses in the international exchange program in the amount of 12ECTS points, as well as encourages students to participate in at least one related internship during the time of studying.

What students say about ZSEM?

Vitor Duarte

Professors at ZSEM are great since they resort to several innovative teaching methods, and most of the times I was able to learn from their personal experiences on the market. All of these made me feel very interested in the courses I was taking at the time and made me want to go for further knowledge.

Sid Eshuis

I like best that it's a small school and also the teaching style - during lectures and seminars we work on real case studies. There's not too much theory and everything is very practice oriented, which is very different from my university back home.

Ana Šimić

Studying at ZSEM has helped me get into the swing of things at my workplace more easily and quickly while my superiors are very often surprised by the scope and quality of the knowledge that I have acquired.

Matea Sokolar

From the beginning I had very high expectations about the MBA program at ZSEM, including both the subject courses and the professors. The thing that I liked the most was the way of teaching, especially from the international professors who encourage each lecture to have discussions and where students are encouraged to give their opinions. I also liked that the professors gave real life examples in class. Another thing that I liked about the program is that in both semesters, there were many international students so I had the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

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