Services Marketing

Thomas Baker, PhD, University of Alabama, USA
Katarina Miličević, MBA, ZSEM, Croatia

Financial Statement Analysis

Hrvoje Volarević, PhD
Mario Varović, MSc

Management of Change and Human Resources

Randy Richards, PhD
Ivona Škreblin Kirbiš, PhD

Product Management and Design

Carlos M. Rodriguez, PhD
Predrag Haramija, PhD


Dino Dogan, PhD
Mato Njavro PhD

Project Management

Siniša Krajnović, PhD

Maximization and Measurement of Company Value (Capstone)

Igor Gvozdanović, DBA

Marketing Simulation (Markstrat)

Maja Martinović, PhD
Mira Marušić PhD

Tourism Concepts and Issues

Matea Hanžek, MSc, MBA

Market Research in Tourism

Ivan Sever, MSc

Destination Management and Marketing

Damir Krešić, PhD

What students say about ZSEM?

Vitor Duarte

Professors at ZSEM are great since they resort to several innovative teaching methods, and most of the times I was able to learn from their personal experiences on the market. All of these made me feel very interested in the courses I was taking at the time and made me want to go for further knowledge.

Sid Eshuis

I like best that it's a small school and also the teaching style - during lectures and seminars we work on real case studies. There's not too much theory and everything is very practice oriented, which is very different from my university back home.

Matea Sokolar

From the beginning I had very high expectations about the MBA program at ZSEM, including both the subject courses and the professors. The thing that I liked the most was the way of teaching, especially from the international professors who encourage each lecture to have discussions and where students are encouraged to give their opinions. I also liked that the professors gave real life examples in class. Another thing that I liked about the program is that in both semesters, there were many international students so I had the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

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4 Palms of excellence

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