You’ve probably heard the phrase that says information is power. The development of information technology and systems has become one of the hallmarks of the modern global economy. While in the past natural and basic resources represented the greatest source of competitive advantage, today those that manage information are usually the ones that prosper in the competitive global marketplace. Many organizations have recognized the need for efficient information management, and are investing considerable resources in their information systems to stay successful.

Our MBA Program in Management of Information Systems offers exactly what today’s IT managers need. This program will cover the question of how technology, social structure and organizations together create the dynamics of information exchange and development of learning at different levels. Due to the international dimension of the modern business environment, this program contains a combination of lectures by Croatian and foreign experts. The MBA MIS at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management was recently included in Eduniveral’s list of the top ten Information System Management MBA programs in Eastern Europe!

Of the courses offered as part of this program, Information Security will cover topics such as information theft, computer crime, internal or external fraud, and others. Electronic Business Management will focus on e-business technologies and e-business theories that are applicable in today’s business environment, while Business Intelligence Applications will cover technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information. Students will
also take courses in System Analysis and Design, Project Management, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Maximization and Measurement of Company Value, as well as a Marketing Simulation course which will put the skills they learn in MIS in an organizational context. A Business Ethics and CSR course is also offered, and the program culminates with the creation of a Graduate Thesis.

Professors that lecture as part of this program include Ivica Crnković (Mälardalen University, Sweden), Igor Gvozdanović (Platinum Invest), Siniša Krajnović (Ericsson – Nikola Tesla), Goran Radonić (T-Systems International GmbH, Germany) along with other experts such as Karmela Aleksić – Maslač, Hrvoje Jerković, and others.

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