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The undergraduate study of business law and economics was launched in response to market needs. After their studies, students are ready to successfully work in today’s business world through three areas: business law, business administration and economics.

If you are currently thinking about a desired study program and want to have a higher education in legal economics, the undergraduate study of Business Law and Economics at ZSEM has been created for you.

The knowledge and skills you will gain by studying at ZSEM will prepare you for a successful business career in small and medium companies, regulatory agencies, banks, associations, crafts, public administration, agencies and services.

Undergraduate students have all the resources and services of ZSEM at their disposal, from the use of libraries, computer classrooms and online databases, to international exchange and Career Center services. At the beginning of each study year, students in this program receive literature from the school library at their home address. Check out everything that is included in the tuition. Direct interaction with your professors in lectures and exercises will help you acquire practical knowledge in everyday business situations, with the established theory.

By completing the undergraduate professional studies of law and economics, you will acquire specific knowledge and skills and you will learn how to:

  • Explain the structure and functioning of the Croatian and European legal system.
  • Identify and link the legal and economic aspect in the comprehension of the whole of social and economic relations.
  • Identify and apply financial theories, analyzes, reports, and markets in business practice.
  •  Organize, implement and apply statistical analysis of data in the decision-making process in organizations.
  •  Identify and apply information technology to legal regulation (and vice versa), the structure and processes of organizations and economics, and the roles and techniques of management.
  •  Identify the domestic and global economic and legal environment of organizations.
  • You will adopt a value system that emphasizes responsible business behavior. ZSEM seeks to convey each student the value and care for ethical business. In today’s world, business success can no longer be realized if you ignore the business environment at the same time.

More about the program goals, competences and the learning outcomes can be read here.

What students say about ZSEM?

Vitor Duarte

Professors at ZSEM are great since they resort to several innovative teaching methods, and most of the times I was able to learn from their personal experiences on the market. All of these made me feel very interested in the courses I was taking at the time and made me want to go for further knowledge.

Sid Eshuis

I like best that it's a small school and also the teaching style - during lectures and seminars we work on real case studies. There's not too much theory and everything is very practice oriented, which is very different from my university back home.

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