Why choose this program?

  • You will attain knowledge from a range of academic disciplines, such as: accounting, finance, management, marketing, etc.
  • You will learn how to adapt to the increasingly dynamic conditions of today’s globalized business world, further complicated by the ongoing technological and market changes.
  • You will learn more than just theory, through a practical learning enviroment in small groups which provides ample opportunities to interact with classmates and lecturers through team projects, case studies, in-class presentations, simulations, and various other teaching methods.
  • You will expand your worldview through interaction with your classmates who comprise a diverse and international student body.
  • You will gain first-hand professional and international experience through required internships which can be completed in local and/or international companies and through participating ft he international exchange program.
  • You will acquire communication skills through presentations of your term papers and essays as even the best business ideas can go sour unless you successfully convey them to others.
  • You will expand your professional network by taking advantage ft he services ft he Career Center, through internships, ZSEM’s in-house Student Future Day career fair, various workshops, seminars, and guest lectures, etc.
  • You will grow not only as young economics graduates and business experts, but as human beings as well. ZSEM instils into its students a value system that puts business ethics at its core.
  • You will apply new technologies to solve everyday business problems

What students say about ZSEM?

Shoukri Joukhadar

I chose ZSEM when I moved to Croatia from Syria. I could not speak the language and had to choose a school with lectures in English. I found ZSEM to be the best Business school in Croatia and the AACSB accreditation definitely strengthened my decision. Country: Syria Institution: Zagreb School of Economics and Management

1st accredited institution in Croatia

4 Palms of excellence

ZSEM became a leader in educating HR specialists